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Virtual Enrichment Sessions - Spring 2022 Series

These enrichment sessions are either skill-based development sessions or guided restorative experiences that will give you a chance to explore various topics related to personal wellbeing, leadership, and overall professional development. These enrichment sessions are available to both WCWI Members and non-members.


Enrichment Presenter Partner Sponsor: The Next Level Planning Group

Speaker: Cassie Adesina, , CFP®
Date + Time:Tuesday, May 17 12:00-12:45 PM

7 Financial Missteps Impacting Wellbeing & Simple Shifts to Help

More than 40% of Americans say stress about finances makes it difficult for them to concentrate at work. This stress affects productivity and the work environment, and creates ongoing challenges for peoples’ wellbeing.  The good news is, there’s something we can do about it.  Join this session to learn about the most common financial mistakes that people are making and the actionable tools and resources that can help change mindsets about finances and shift habits. Cassie from The Next Level Planning Group will equip you with strategies to apply in your own life and she’ll share how to support your employees in their journey to relieve financial stress.



Enrichment Sessions for the Summer 2022 Series Coming Soon!


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