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These enrichment sessions are either skill-based development sessions or guided restorative experiences that will give you a chance to explore various topics related to personal wellbeing, leadership, and overall professional development. These enrichment sessions are available to both WCWI Members and non-members.

Enrichment Partner Sponsor: Novo Nordisk

Presenter: Kristin Hoddy PhD, RD

Dr. Hoddy is an accomplished, highly knowledgeable Registered Dietitian with a decade of clinical research in obesity and weight management therapies. She also brings experience from the health and fitness industry as a former performance consultant and corporate wellness director. She is passionate about promoting the importance of obesity care and strives to facilitate real-world application of cutting-edge weight management therapies.  As an Obesity Medical Liaison with Novo Nordisk, Dr. Hoddy brings valuable education and resources to a variety of stakeholders and decisions makers to enhance understanding of the complex obesity disease state and open discussion around the importance of obesity care.

November 30, 2022 | 12:00-12:45 PM | Virtual

Fundamentals in Obesity as a Disease

The United States is experiencing a weight management crisis with a high prevalence of overweight and obesity observed year over year and steadily increasing across several decades. The ramifications of the obesity epidemic extend far beyond vanity concerns with excessive body fat being a shared link in many chronic diseases that limit lifespan, health-span, and overall quality of life while straining heath care resources and increasing costs. Yet, knowledge gaps in obesity as a disease, cultural weight bias and stigma, social determinates of health, and health inequalities present persistent barriers that challenge adequate health care to people with obesity. Employers represent a key stakeholder in the obesity conversation and must be empowered with evidence-based resources to influence change and advocate for their employees.

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