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WCWI's Components of Courage 

What is Physical Courage?
  • When we are faced with adverse situations, stressful environments, unhealthy behaviors that live within our shadow culture, we realize that we have a choice to make. Either, we fall to the pressures of stress and chaos or we take a stance of resilience and strive for acts of bravery amongst ourselves and the people we serve. Physical courage may look like leading with a lens of resilience or expanding the scope of wellbeing even if that means uprooting and laying new foundation. It may look like stepping into courageous conversation with a posture of curiosity, compassion, hope and resilience. Physical courage is stepping past our comfort zone to shift the narrative of wellbeing in somewhat risky yet rewarding ways.


What is Creative courage?

  • Creative courage sets us up to be resourceful problem solvers, always keeping a mindset of curiosity. It causes us to be proactive instead of reactive. It encourages us to broaden our skillset as wellness professionals and embrace a growth mindset. Through creative courage, we continue to experiment, reframe, and journey through creating healthy and happy workplaces. Creative courage realizes there may be risk, but there is reward in the risk when we look at the outcome of an employee who finds meaning and fulfillment in their work. As we persevere into an enriched value proposition, we must channel creative courage to unite wellbeing as a strategic priority across the entire employee experience.



What is Social Courage?
  • What if our experience at work consisted of no fear-just opportunity to step into fully safe, accepted and inclusive spaces? Spaces that bring us together under shared organizational values. Social Courage is grounded in cultural sensitivity, diverse perspective and meaningful peer connection. As wellness practitioners, we have opportunity to fully support employee voice and understand what makes people feel heard and known. Social courage may look like speaking up when you know others may disagree, seeking to listen over casting judgement and caring for people before helping them. Using the lens of social courage, we can lead with empathy to build psychologically safe workplaces.


What is Moral Courage?

  • In times of change, employees lean on organizational values and leadership living out those values to guide the way. Sometimes, we lose sight of those values as we quickly work to adapt due to shifting climate. Moral courage sets us up to defend our shared values and align these values with our personal values to create a thriving workplace where everyone feels a sense of belonging. For a wellness practitioner, these values bring us back to the purpose of our work and help us connect wellbeing to hold deeper strategic worth within the organization. Moral courage sets the tone for doing the right thing for the betterment of all people and serves as a compass for moving through the employee lifecycle.


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