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WCWI is grateful for the support of our partner sponsors as we work together to uphold employee wellbeing as a foundational strategy and valued business priority for every employer of all sectors, industries, and sizes statewide in Wisconsin. WCWI celebrates thirty-six years of elevating and advancing employee wellbeing in Wisconsin’s workplaces and communities! Over 200 member organizations are engaged in WCWI’s membership and we unite and build connections across 600 wellbeing leaders and strategists to impact employees in the workforce. We are proud of WCWI’s many achievements, expanded engagement, and one-of-a-kind member experiences offered in 2024-including several new experiences included in the WCWI membership.

WCWI’s Impact Report – 2022-2023
WCWI looks forward to connecting with future partners who share our core belief and have qualities and values aligned with our four distinctive partner sponsorship opportunities. If you are interested in partnering with us as Partner Sponsor, Experience Sponsor, or Content Sponsor to advance the Wellness Council of Wisconsin's reach and impact, please contact WCWI's Executive Director, Carley Hoelzel at to start a conversation or click the link below and complete the form on page 12.
2024 WCWI Sponsorship Prospectus
Join an upcoming Sponsorship Experience Overview to learn how you can best support the WCWI mission by aligning to a sponsorship opportunity. 
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Wellness Council of Wisconsin's Partner Sponsors

Invested Advisor Partner Sponsors

An organization who has prominent presence as an innovative service/product provider or consultant, is a leader in the business community, and has a desire to shape the future of employee wellbeing.


Vision Champion Partner Sponsors

An organization who is visibly and vocally supportive of the wellbeing of their employees, believes wellbeing is a priority for their business, and/or is recognized for their culture and people strategy; including but not limited to wellbeing, equity, inclusion, belonging, and talent development.


Community Supporter Partner Sponsors

An organization that holds a strong affinity towards engaging in corporate social responsibility initiatives such as health and well-being programs for individuals, organizations, and the community.


Learning Advocate Partner Sponsor

Learning Advocate organizations share this commitment, offering extensive support through workshops, training sessions, and educational events. 


2024 WCWI Experience Sponsors

Contribute to WCWI's Learning Agenda and Resource Library as we empower and equip members with tools, resources, learning and personal development. 



In-Kind Supporters

Providing workshop space, content, and marketing materials to ehance the WCWI member experience. 


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