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WCWI Member Networking Opportunities

WCWI Members unite and build connections with wellbeing strategists and people leaders throughout Wisconsin by participating in peer networking and idea-sharing opportunities. Below you will find two ongoing networking opportunities for WCWI Members that are offered on a monthly basis. We hope you, your wellness team members, and leaders join us!

During the member resource group, I noticed the incredible rapport you have with members. Considering the number of people who signed in and how they responded throughout, I felt like it went beyond engagement, more of a sense of camaraderie. You offered people a safe space to be real and they truly respect -what you have to offer and say. 

- Theresa Islo, Program Manager, Health and Wellness Management with UW - Extended Campus

WCWI Member Resource Groups

Join us on the last Thursday of every month to unite with your WCWI Member Community. These live, interactive discussions connect you to trending topics, inventive idea-sharing, and relevant resources to put into action. 


December MRG

December 22, 2022 | 2:00-3:00 PM

Resource: The Wellbeing Foundation Builder

Guest Facilitator: Sarah Marshall, The Experience Architect, Humanworks8

From Program to Way of Life: Well-Being at Your Organization

How can you evolve your approach to well-being in 2023? Think less programmatic and more integrative… less one size fits all and more individualized… less scheduled and more relationship focused.

Make well-being part of your organization’s DNA in 2023 using The Well-Being Foundation Builder. From recruiting to onboarding, communication to recognition, identify strategies for weaving well-being throughout your organization’s people practices. This discussion will strengthen your well-being programming, build relationships across the organization and elevate your overall employee experience.

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January MRG

January 26, 2023 | 2:00-3:00 PM

Resource: WCWI Challenges (Net Effect)

WCWI Team Contributor: Jessica Lehman, Communications and Events Manager

For employers who have robust wellness strategies, you get creative ideas to keep the momentum of health and wellness - especially during your busy seasons! For those just starting their wellness initiatives, you get tools to take you from start to finish. WCWI Members, you have access to all of these wellness challenges at no additional cost. Join this month's MRG for a look inside one of WCWI's Wellness Challenges: The Net Effect. Learn about the resources included and how you can tailor any challenge to fit your organization's wellbeing strategy and boost engagement. Let's have some fun as we kick of the new year and re-ignite your wellbeing program in 2023.



WCWI Member Connections

Get to know a colleague in wellness, grow your network, and share your experiences! 

This benefit is getting a facelift! Watch for new features as we kick off the 2023 WCWI Membership Experience.

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Commitment to Responsible Networking
No speaker, WCWI representative, sponsor, or participant may use WCWI experiences such as Member Resource Groups, 1:1 Member Connections or WCWI’s virtual discussion platform to promote or sell specific products, services, companies, or organizations. Attendee information is provided at-will and for the purposes of networking, building professional relationships, and idea-sharing only. This information is not to be used for marketing, sales, promotions or outreach outside of the purposes described.

No party may release, disclose, or publish information or reports received in conjunction with WCWI experiences in a manner inconsistent with federal, state, or local laws and regulations. The Wellness Council of Wisconsin and all participating members will treat all business-sensitive information as confidential. Attendee lists are provided only to other registered attendees and for the purposes of networking, building professional relationships, and idea-sharing only.

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