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Shawn Gulyas

The Thought Catalyst with humanworks8


Shawn believes that well-being is a critical touchpoint in an employee’s life – both at home and at work. He is excited to support the mission of the Wellness Council of Wisconsin (WCWI) through sharing his experiences as a cultural artist and the expertise of his humanworks8 team. His vision for employers is perfectly aligned with WCWI’s efforts to inspire and empower wellness strategists from across our great state and beyond. 
Shawn exists to design and facilitate creative experiences that challenge one’s thinking and action – helping individuals and companies find their authenticity, breathe into their well-being and elevate their people touchpoints.  
After a 25-year career filled with growth and learning with La Macchia Enterprises/The Mark Travel Corporation as Vice President of Human Resources, Shawn decided to venture out and get his hands dirty with other organizations in need of bringing their work to life through championing people.  
As WCWI's Culture Expert, Shawn’s focus will be on supporting members in building thriving workplace cultures that can live and grow through application of the best thinking and methods made tangible through WCWI’s engagements, learning sessions and one-of-a kind co-developed materials. 
About humanworks8
Work and life. They are not mutually exclusive. For too long, it’s seemed that the two could not coexist. That life and work were somehow permanent competitors. We’re here to correct the record, and bring work to life, and life to work. Starting with the most important element of all: people.
humanworks8 is a consultancy focused on the human touchpoints in your business. We believe each of your employees has naturally unique talents, perspectives and instincts—and when those qualities are recognized and valued, business can breathe, grow and thrive. Working with business and HR leadership, we’ll leverage your organization’s innate humanity to foster empowered individuals, flourishing teams and thriving systems. We’re ready to show you how human works8. View our services.

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