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Wellness Challenges

For the past few years, we have partnered with TAVi Health to bring our members ready-to-implement wellness challenges that infuse energy into your work days and engage employees. For employers who have robust wellness strategies, you get creative ideas to keep the momentum of health and wellness - especially during your busy seasons! For those just starting their wellness initiatives, you get tools to take you from start to finish. 

Wellness Council of Wisconsin: Wellness Challenges

WCWI Members, you have access to all of these wellness challenges at no additional cost. Access yours today on the WCWI Member Dashboard.


Big Little Things: This inspiring 6-week challenge is all about checking in with yourself daily and taking stock of your self-care needs. In this challenge, your employees will have the opportunity to explore various pathways to self-care and experience the BIG impact little self-care activities have on overall wellbeing.

Rest & Restore: This 4 week challenge sheds light on the importance of sleep to overall wellbeing, by helping participants get a realistic view of their current sleep quality and quantity, and providing easy-to-implement and effective strategies to help wake with mind and body restored.

Tweet Tweet: Raising financial consciousness is a good first step in helping individuals establish a healthy state of financial wellbeing. This 4 week challenge focuses on implementing financial wellness strategies designed to help your employees begin (or continue!) building their personal nest egg. 



Here and Now: Participants will be challenged to make a conscious effort to practice mindfulness at least three times a day for 4 weeks. Living in the moment brings calm and self awareness to life. Mindfulness can improve your physical and mental health, while enhancing your ability to concentrate.

Tasty Twist Challenge

Tasty Twist: This 6-week challenge will help your participants increase the quantity of fruits and vegetables consumed and vary the selection from day to day. Choosing a wide variety of colors and types ensures that participants take in a healthy dose of vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Live Out Loud Challenge

Laugh Out Loud: In the fast-paced world we live in, we often fail to take a little time to LOL. During this 6 week challenge, participants will earn points for performing LOL activities. Activities that put you in a great state of mind; like exercise, connecting with friends, working on a hobby or playing with your children.

....and more!

Want to try one with your organization?  Access the Here and Now Challenge!

We're happy to have you test Here and Now with your employees before your organization joins as a WCWI Member.  Upon submission of the form you'll be able to immediate download your ready-to-implement challenge.  Enjoy!


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