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WCWI Well Practices

A Collection of Shared Strategies and Tools from Wisconsin Employers

Well Practices are best practices, strategies, and tools from Wisconsin organizations who are successfully building comprehensive employee wellbeing strategies. Our goal is that members will continue to learn, connect, and grow through these tools. WCWI Members, you have access to all of these Well Practices at no additional cost. Access yours today on the WCWI Member Dashboard.



Here's a sampling of what WCWI Members have access to.

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Choose to Renew U: An Initiative Supporting Employee Resiliency Skills
View this outline of Froedtert Health’s 3 month program focused on building staff resiliency skills.
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Paid Family Leave and Bereavement Leave Policies
These policies provide exemplary support to employees through their unique Compassion Care Leave, Extended Bereavement Leave, and more.
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Wellness Team Captain Description and Application
Use this shared resource from Children's Hospital of Wisconsin to further enhance the structure and involvement of your wellness team members.
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Woodman's New Hire Buddy System
Woodman’s understands the importance of peer support and creating a sense of community through their New Hire Buddy system.

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Wellness Team Captain Description and Application from Children's Wisconsin!

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