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The Wellness Council of Wisconsin believes that employee wellbeing is a foundational strategy and business priority for every employer of all sectors, industries, and sizes. As a professional development and consultation organization for wellness strategists, culture designers, and people leaders, we will help your organization shift employee wellbeing to a foundational strategy that is valued and understood by all. 


The Wellness Council of Wisconsin identified four guiding principles that we believe are the pillars of developing a meaningful, impactful, and sustainable employee wellbeing strategy that is foundational to the business priorities of every employer across all sectors, industries, and sizes.
Using WCWI's Guiding Principles, you will open opportunities to expand the scope of impact for individual and organizational wellbeing. Additionally, these guiding principles will support you in articulating the value, impact, and outcomes of your employee wellbeing strategy. 

We believe in the significance of wellbeing

Wellbeing is essential and it’s a right that should be afforded to all. WCWI catalyzes wellbeing in organizations as foundational, strategic, and systemic. We're at our best when we're grounded in our own wellbeing.

We cherish growth

Change is inevitable in our dynamic wellness industry. We accept challenges with a posture of resilience. For us, growth is born from creativity and innovation and the continuous desire to be better.

We craft the narrative

We remain students of the human experience. We continuously listen and respond to our members’ voices and to the needs of our people. We tell the stories of the data, the workforce, Wisconsin’s employers, and our fellow wellbeing strategists.

We bravely act together 

We are courageous in our work to widen the scope of wellbeing and to transform Wisconsin’s workforce. We strive to see through all lenses and to be driven by empathy and compassion. We seek diverse perspectives and ideas and we make space that is welcoming for all. If we have to call on our bravery, we’re doing something right.
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