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Calling all wellness strategists, human resources professionals, culture designers, and people leaders. We believe that employee wellbeing is a foundational strategy and business priority for all employers. When we catalyze employee wellbeing as foundational, strategic, and systemic, we will have greater impact and outcomes on our people and business. Join WCWI for a series of expert interviews with executives, practitioners, and experts as we explore compassionate, people-centered conversations about employee wellbeing. If you are ready to reframe why and how organizations support the wellness of their employees, Changing the Narrative of Employee Wellbeing is for you.

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Confidence – a Key Attribute to Your Wellbeing Leadership

with Shawn Gulyas, The Thought Catalyst at humanworks and WCWI Expert Contributor
Episode Description: 
In this episode Shawn brings forward the idea that confidence is a key attribute for your wellbeing leadership. He shares insights from his own background and experience, and describes three recommendations for finding your own confidence boosters to support you in growing as a leader who is driving meaningful change and impact through your work. And if you’re listening to this episode before September 3 – there’s still time to register for WCWI’s 31st Annual Employee Wellbeing Conference in which Shawn will facilitate self-reflection moments throughout the conference to help attendees discover the core of their confidence


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