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Diabetes in the Workplace

Does your organization offer programs targeting diabetes or prediabetes? 


If you answered “Yes” to the question above, please check all the strategies that your organization is doing to help prevent and manage diabetes in the workforce: 

Screening Programs

Traditional medical care initiatives (via benefit coverage)

Incentivizing employees through benefit design to be more compliant with medications and other critical services

Disease management services (telephonic outreach, distribution of materials)

Onsite Health Coaching

Group-based programming (webinars, face-to-face counseling)

Use of non-traditional care models like on-site clinics, convenience clinics, or pharmacist directed care management

Onsite lifestyle/behavior modification programs (weight loss programs, nutrition education, fitness programs, diabetes education, etc)

Online self-management and/or digital health tools 



Do you use a third party vendor to assist with these services? 



Have a tool or outline of your diabetes interventions that you would like to share?  Upload it here: 







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