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Wellness Amid COVID-19: Follow Up Survey

What actions have you taken to further support your employees? Have you changed your wellness strategies to adjust through your organization’s experience with COVID-19? Share what you’re doing in this quick 7-question survey. The results of the statewide survey will be made available for you to see the trends and ideas from other Wisconsin employers.

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1. How is your organization shifting any previously stated requirements for your wellness strategies as we move forward to work?

Postponing or canceling onsite Biometric Screenings/ Health Assessments
Offering remote participation options for Biometrics and/or encouraging a provider visit
Offering new options to engage, such as virtual or mobile programs, that you did not previously offer
Adjusting incentive requirements and/or eliminating requirements
Other/ Not applicable

If you selected any of the above, please describe how you've shifted your strategy and wellness requirements. Please provide specific examples below or upload supportive documents you would like to share. Note: Uploaded documents will not be shared unless WCWI is granted permission.


2. Which of these wellbeing areas are you prioritizing in support of your people for the remainder of the year?

Social connectedness
Mental health and emotional wellbeing
Psychological safety
Safety and disease prevention practices
Physical health (physical activity, healthy eating, healthy lifestyle behaviors)
Diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging practices
Peer mentoring or groups/coaching
Stress and burnout
Professional growth and fulfillment
Meaning and purpose
Organizational values
Social determinants of health across your workforce

If you selected any of the above, please describe the changes to policy or new policies you’ve implemented. Please provide specific examples or upload supportive documents you would like to share.

3. In response to COVID-19, what long term policy changes has your organization made that support worker wellbeing? Please select the policies that are implemented long-term (not only temporary support).

Remote work policy and/or Flexible work schedule policy
Online learning/professional development policy
Support for childcare through added benefits or policy
Supprtive policies for families and caregivers
Paid time off and/or Paid leave policies

If you selected any of the above, please describe how you are focusing on these areas. Please provide specific examples below or upload supportive documents you would like to share.


4. Are you measuring/evaluating your wellness strategy and initiatives differently due to the disruption that COVID-19 caused? 

If yes, please describe what you changed, and how you are now measuring your success/outcomes.


5. In what ways has your organization collaborated well over the course of this pandemic, to ensure a positive work experience for all employees? (examples: manager-employee communication, engaging remote workers, virtual collaboration tools, organizational learning, employee resource groups)


6. From your learning and adjusting throughout COVID-19, what do you plan to stop, start, and continue to build trust and psychological safety amongst your people?


7. Since the future of work is the future of worker wellbeing, what is your biggest priority for the wellbeing of your people going forward, and why? This can be relative to COVID-19, or equity, inclusion, and belonging strategies related to the social justice movement, or other unique areas you’ve identified. (Examples: collaboration across departments, data collection strategies, employee feedback, leadership/manager input, infusing fun and connection, etc.)



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