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WCWI's Employee Burnout Survey

Assessing Employee Experiences with Symptoms of Burnout & Wellbeing Support
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(1) Review the survey with your wellness team and leadership. 
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We applaud your dedication to remaining students of the human experience by continuously listening and responding to the voices and needs of our people.

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In every meeting, every interaction, and every coaching session, I have been hearing how burnout is a severe problem affecting the majority of groups within our organization. With knowing the consequences of burnout, I wanted to take action in order to increase the personal wellbeing of our employees and improve the quality of their work/life.  This survey is an initial step in the right direction and has allowed me to assess burnout for severity and causes. I plan on using and translating the research of burnout into action within our organization to better the wellbeing of all employees. I thank WCWI for not only helping develop the survey, but also providing this as a WCWI Member benefit hosted within their website. This has built some trust within our organization and has allowed those to be open and candid about their struggles with burnout. I am looking forward to hearing from other companies who decide to utilize this survey and hope we get to see the results as a whole. This will be great for discussing common trends and also a guide when producing burnout solutions in the near future.

Meredith Baciak

Wellness Coordinator, Miron Construction Co., Inc.


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