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WCWI's Employee Burnout Survey
Assessing Employee Experiences with Symptoms of Burnout & Wellbeing Support

Included in the WCWI Membership at no additional cost.

Using WCWI's Guiding Principles, you will open opportunities to expand the scope of impact and outcomes of your employee wellbeing strategies. One of these principles is We Craft the Narrative. This guiding principle emphasizes the importance of remaining students of the human experience by continuously listening and responding to the voices and needs of our people. 

WCWI is excited to announce our newest member-only benefit and statewide initiative...
As a WCWI Member, your organization has the opportunity to capture the voices of your people with WCWI's Employee Burnout Survey. Written by wellbeing strategists, this survey will gather an understanding of how your employees are feeling and their experiences with symptoms of burnout especially related to the workplace culture, the demands of their job, their relationships at work, the support they have, and the challenges they’re facing. 
Additionally, your participation will contribute to WCWI’s statewide effort to collect the experiences of employees across Wisconsin’s employers. WCWI believes that employee wellbeing is a foundational strategy and business priority for every employer of all sectors, industries, and sizes. The statewide survey data will inform Wisconsin employers for the purpose of developing meaningful strategies to impact the wellbeing of their employees.

As a WCWI Member, you will...
  • receive a unique URL with a customized version of WCWI's Employee Burnout Survey hosted within WCWI's website. This survey URL will be for your organization only.
  • lead the communication and data collection strategy for your organization.
  • receive the raw results of your survey within an Excel file for you and your organization to own and analyze.
WCWI's Employee Burnout Survey includes: 
Within the survey, you’ll find three main sections with a total of 48 questions. You will be able to customize various questions within Section 1 specific to demographics, employee benefits, etc.; and the Text After Submission section in support of your organization's employee benefits and recommended resources. Additionally, your organization will be able to include your logo within the survey header.
The main components of the survey include:
  • Introduction of the survey including a description and key definitions
  • Section 1: Demographic and Background Data 
  • Section 2: Experiences with Symptoms of Burnout
  • Section 3: Work-Related Factors
  • Text After Submission 
To gain access to this WCWI Member benefit, your organization must:
  • be an active WCWI Member to utilize the survey.
  • deploy this survey to your internal employee population only.
  • submit agreement to not copy, reproduce, distribute, publish, display, perform, modify, create derivative works, transmit, or in any way exploit any such content, nor may you distribute any part of this content over any network, including a local area network, sell or offer it for sale, or use such content to construct any kind of database.
As a part of WCWI’s statewide initiative to collect the experiences of burnout across Wisconsin’s workforce, WCWI is making the Employee Burnout Survey accessible to member employers during two timeframes until December 31, 2022.  This will ensure a controlled data collection process, optimize your ability to plan for a data collection timeframe that works best for you, and enhance credibility for the benchmarking data collected in 2022. The survey will be an ongoing, annual member benefit. 
Interested in Participating in the Employee Burnout Survey in 2022?
If you plan to take part in this statewide initiative and collect the experiences of your employees, here are the key dates and steps for the launch timeframes in 2022: 
  • Join us on March 31, 2022 for the March Member Resource Group in which you’ll hear from employers who have already used the survey
  • Attend a 35 minute Orientation more specific to the use of the survey tool
  • Decide between two options to launch the Employee Burnout Survey to your workforce in 2022
  • Contact to implement and execute selected launch option in 2022
Employee Burnout Survey Launch Pattern

Option 1
Summer 2022 Survey Launch

Option 2
Fall 2022 Survey Launch

Attend Burnout Survey Orientation April August
Member Commitment & Customization Requests Due to WCWI May 16 September 12
Unique Survey URLs will be sent to each participating member employer May 25 September 21
Member Launches Employee Burnout Survey to Workforce July 1 November 1
Member Survey Close July 31 * or on unique member timeline November 30 *or on unique member timeline
WCWI Provides Unique Export of Raw Data to Each Participating Member August December


In every meeting, every interaction, and every coaching session, I have been hearing how burnout is a severe problem affecting the majority of groups within our organization. With knowing the consequences of burnout, I wanted to take action in order to increase the personal wellbeing of our employees and improve the quality of their work/life.  This survey is an initial step in the right direction and has allowed me to assess burnout for severity and causes. I plan on using and translating the research of burnout into action within our organization to better the wellbeing of all employees. I thank WCWI for not only helping develop the survey, but also providing this as a WCWI Member benefit hosted within their website. This has built some trust within our organization and has allowed those to be open and candid about their struggles with burnout. I am looking forward to hearing from other companies who decide to utilize this survey and hope we get to see the results as a whole. This will be great for discussing common trends and also a guide when producing burnout solutions in the near future.

Meredith Baciak

Wellness Coordinator, Miron Construction Co., Inc.

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