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Year-Long Connections through the Learning Circles

When you sign up for the Learning Circle Series, your learning and networking opportunities don’t stop at the four quarterly sessions!  As part of this development course, you will have at least three (3) more connection points with the WCWI team and your Learning Circle peers in the “off months” to continue your year-long educational experience. These extra events will help you stay the course on the goals you set for yourself in the first session and will give you a chance to use all you’ve learned from the session content throughout the year. Check out the timeline below to see how the new Learning Circle Series will provide an exciting, continuous learning experience this year.


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March: Session #1: Skill Building and Professional Development 
April: Personal Outreach
At the end of the March LC session, you will create a goal/action item related to the skill(s) and concepts presented. In the April follow-up, a WCWI team member will check in with you on how you’re progressing with your personal goal. Doing well with it? Haven’t started it? Stuck with it? WCWI will work with you one-on-one to help you take the next steps forward.
May: Session #2:  Cultural and Transformative Ideas 
June/July: Statewide Learning Circle Networking Call
Join this statewide networking call exclusive to Learning Circle participants for further discussion and exploration on the cultural and transformative ideas and concepts presented in the May session. How have those concepts worked for your organizations? What are some challenges you have come across? You will have a chance to have dialogue around shared experiences and learn from your Learning Circle peers from the Milwaukee, Madison, and Fox Cities areas.  Dates will be announced soon!
August: Session #3: New and Emerging Trends
September:  Choose a Trend
You will select a wellbeing trend that is meaningful to you that you would like to take action on or implement within your organization.  The topic you choose will be the focus of a 5-minute presentation that you’ll be given a chance to present at the November Learning Circle session.  The goal is to give you and your peers a chance to showcase how your personal goals and the knowledge you gained from the Learning Circle sessions throughout the year helped you choose the next steps to elevate your wellness strategy.
November: Session #4: Case Study

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