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Wisconsin nominees named in WELCOA’s national Top 100 Health Promotion Professionals

Presented by the Wellness Council of Wisconsin


Nine Wisconsin nominees were named in the nation’s Top 100 Health Promotion Professionals by the Wellness Council of America (WELCOA). “With 210 total nominees throughout the nation, these 9 Wisconsin health promotion professionals represent the best of the best,” stated Jessica Raddemann, Executive Director of the Wellness Council of Wisconsin.

The Top 100 where chosen based on peer voting and on the empirical review of a distinguished judging panel. These top health promotion professionals were judged on the merits of: creating, coordinating, and maintaining health promotion programs; implementing innovative solutions for health improvement and culture change; serving as leaders and role models in businesses and communities; having an inspiring vision for the future of the industry; and demonstrating a desire to be a leader in health promotion.

Congratulations to the following Wisconsin Health Professionals, and Wellness Council of Wisconsin members, who continue to serve as an inspiration to many:

Jeff Butz, Fond Du Lac Area Businesses On Health (FABOH)
Chris Ceniti, WEA Insurance Trust
Sarah Dillivan-Pospisil, Group Health Cooperative of Eau Claire
Aaron Hunnel, Network Health
Alyssa Kwasny, Faith Technologies, Inc.
Mike Liebert, Aurora Health Care
Jason Morgan, GE Healthcare
Abigail Nadler, M3 Insurance
Tim Pingel, J. J. Keller - LIFE Wellness Program

More than 500 companies in the state of Wisconsin are members of the Wellness Council of Wisconsin and WELCOA. In partnership with WELCOA, the Wellness Council of WI serves as the premier resource in the state by keeping health professionals connected with current worksite wellness trends and cutting edge resources. Serving over 5000 organizations nationwide, WELCOA continues to be the most respected resource for workplace wellness in America and regarded for their innovative and results-oriented approach to workplace wellness.

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