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Which Habits Matter Most?

Which Habits Matter Most? 

Guest Blogger:
Hanlie Van Wyk
Culture change Expert, Systems Strategist, Personal Change Coach, Author 
WCWI's Q3 & Q4 Regional Workshop Facilitator

To some degree, the answer to the question may depend on the stakeholder group and the outcomes, or results, that are important to them. We have focused on three stakeholder groups: insurers, employers, and members, or people, and the broad category of outcomes that are of interest to them: costs and growth, productivity, and life quality. While there are primary interests for each stakeholder, the benefits extend across all groups. A healthy employee is more likely to be productive. This, in turn, allows the employer to dedicate more resources to enhancing employee life quality throughout the employee lifecycle.
Our research considers three categories of behaviors which fit under the wellbeing umbrella:
  1. 'Healthy' behaviors focus mostly on the physical health aspects. These are behaviors that are closely linked to classically-designed wellness program initiatives, notwithstanding that many programs fail to focus on behavior change.
  2. 'Happiness' behaviors are those behaviors that improve our positive mental wellbeing - our happiness in the full, glorious technicolor range of definitions of what constitutes happiness. Whereas healthy behaviors help prevent adverse medical conditions, happiness behaviors lift us up to maximize our potential, allowing us to thrive beyond previous levels.
  3. 'Security' behaviors relate to practices that help create financial security in our lives. Increasingly, health and wellbeing programs are recognizing the value of ensuring all people have a basic level of financial security - including short and long-term savings, insurance, and retirement funding.
Do you know which habits will matter most to your business?



Culture change Expert, Systems Strategist, Personal Change Coach, Author 

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