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We have something new for you...

We have something new for you. Something we’ve never tried before. It’s a chance for you to share your own story, a visionary idea for organizational wellbeing, or something you’re so passionate about you just can’t. keep. it. in
We’ve designed a Skill Building Session for the extraordinary thinkers called The Inspirers, Explorers, and Creators.  It’s a fast-paced and fun learning environment to highlight inspirational, perspective shifting, and innovative ideas regarding workplace wellbeing. It will feature 6 extraordinary thinkers sharing the stage – and this extraordinary thinker could be you! 
Here are the logistics: 
Each presenter will have 5 minutes, using just 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds.  Presenters can speak about any topic related to workplace wellbeing; and are encouraged to present on a topic that’s inspiring, perspective shifting, and leading-edge.  Above all, this topic should be something that the presenter is personally and professionally passionate about. There's one rule though, no sales pitches.The WCWI staff, with the support of the WCWI Board of Directors - Advancement Committee, will review the submissions and if accepted presenters will be asked to submit their final slides by October 1. Presenters will also have the opportunity to rehearse prior to the Conference. 
We know that you may have the ideas, but not the details quite yet, so we made it easy for you to submit!  The submission form only requires: 
• Contact information
• Presentation title
• Description (maximum of 250 words)
• Meaning...there are no excuses, you can do this.

You may be thinking, “is anyone else crazy enough to do this?”  YES!  We already have individuals wanting to share their stories and ideas on greatness, leadership, spirituality, energy, and happiness. 


So join us! Make the leap!

We’re looking for the next generation of Inspirers, Explorers, and Creators to share the stage.

If it’s more your style to experience this fun and thought-provoking session in the audience, be sure to select it in your conference registration.

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