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WELCOA'S Q4 Certifications and Training Schedule



This summer WELCOA defined wellness as “ The active pursuit to understand and fulfill your individual human needs—which allows you to reach a state where you are flourishing and able to realize your full potential in all aspects of life.”  Workplaces can help support their employees in reaching their aspirations by addressing these seven areas: health, meaning, safety, connection, achievement, growth, and resiliency. Let’s focus our attention on the area of meaning. WELCOA has stated that the area of meaning can be expressed as, “Feeling part of something bigger than yourself. Knowing that your work matters. Having purpose in your life.”

GALLUP stated in an article regarding Career Wellbeing is “arguably one of the most essential of the five elements of well-being and people with high Career Well-Being are more than twice as likely to be thriving in their lives overall.” 

So how can organizations support employees in improving their meaning and career wellbeing?

Well…I’m glad you asked! WELCOA has recently announced their Q4 2018 Training Schedule that features webinars and certifications that will provide guiding principles as your organizations and businesses evolve and develop their workplace wellness initiatives!

Here is a quick peak at WELCOA’s Q4 Training Schedule:

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  1. Live Webinar: Creating Movements of Change that Optimize Opportunity for Behavior Change and Positively Impact Culture:
    • The connection of your own personal career wellbeing and the impact it may have on the success of the program you're trying to provide. This webinar will examine the relationship between the Self Determination Theory, Marketing, Micro-Influence, and Dr. Brene Brown's Whole Hearted Living Theory. If you are interested in developing your personal wellbeing to positively inspire change, this is a great opportunity for you to explore!
  2. Monthly live webinar series featuring Wisconsin’s own Barbara Zabawa, on Health Promotion Program Legal Updates:
    • This monthly webinar will provide the skills and best practices you need to design your wellness program. Each month a new compliance topic will be explored with opportunity for attendees to ask questions regarding compliance issues.

  3. Certification Course: Mindful Healthcare: Healthy Team, Healthy Business:
    • Based on the book, Mindful Healthcare, Healthy Team, Healthy Business, this certification course will help your team in developing an Optimal Healing Environment (OHE). OHE uses three guiding principles and six practical applications.  This certification will help you further your understanding of the value of the investment of developing a more mindful workplace environment at your organization to accomplish the desired outcomes.

  4. Live Webinar: Reimagining Careers to Unlock Potential with the Science of Purpose
    • Arthur Woods, Co-Founder of Imperative, will help guide you in discovering your purpose at work. What drives you in your day-to-day work? Learn how to take your purpose and put it into full force. Participants will receive access to complete a Purpose Profile. This is a personalized 27-page report in the steps to gain purpose in your daily work, your relationship with people, and your overall workplace motivation. 


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