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Gavin Quinnies: New WCWI Board Member

The WCWI board of directors works diligently to ensure that our board is representative of WCWI’s membership including diversity of industry, workforce, size and regional location, as well as inclusive of a variety of viewpoints, expertise and experience. Most importantly, we welcome leaders who will advocate for WCWI’s vision and mission throughout the state, and those who are dedicated to the continued growth and impact of the organization.  

During the review process, we considered the current needs of the organization and the board. From the thorough review and discussion over the past several months, the Board formally recommended to the members of the corporation that Gavin Quinnies be elected to WCWI’s Board of Directors. The members at large voted Gavin into the Board at the end of December 2023.

Gavin Quinnies is the President/CEO and Co-Founder of US HealthCenter and PredictiMed™, an award-winning Milwaukee, WI AI based population health management provider. Founded in 2003, USHC is a pioneer in AI. 

Gavin has been a long-term supporter of WCWI and has built strong relationships with members and board members over the years. His contributions to date have helped shape the strategic direction, and growth of the organization. 

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