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WCWI is on a mission to change the narrative of wellbeing in Wisconsin. The ultimate goal of our membership is to help you and your team be successful in designing an impactful employee wellbeing strategy. Over 450 organizations use WCWI to collaboratively enhance their strategies and get local support from the professionals who have grown Wisconsin into a recognized wellness leader. This unique membership experience is the only kind to bring 650 likeminded professionals together in a community of connected employers who are transforming Wisconsin’s workforce. Whether you’re looking for local best practices, insight on national trends, consultation, or opportunities for professional development – we’re here to serve you.  

Your membership evolved...
For the past year, we've focused our efforts on enhancing your member experience with new benefits based on your recommendations in our Membership Discovery in 2019.  Through your feedback we also saw the need to simplify our two-level membership structure, while making room for all of the new WCWI member benefits under one membership. 

We're here for you...
We understand that this pandemic has affected many employers and that you may be making tough budget decisions. Now more than ever the wellbeing of ourselves, our employees, our organizations, and our communities is essential. WCWI is here to serve you, and we want to ensure all have the opportunity to remain connected to our vital resources and community. As a WCWI Member, you'll receive access to a COVID-19 Relief discount and an extension on your renewal payment terms for your 2020 membership renewal. If you need additional support, please contact Lisa Grenfell at 


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WCWI Member Benefits

We've evolved our membership structure! It was time we simplified and made room for all of your new WCWI benefits under one membership!

Member Online Orientations WCWI Leaderboard of Champions
WCWI Consultations WCWI Light of Wellness Awards
WCWI Member Resource Groups  New 2020 Benefit • Discounts to WCWI's Learning Agenda which includes CEUs:
Webinars with Industry Experts      o WCWI Annual Conference
• In-Person Networking Events      o WCWI Annual Pre-Conference
WCWI Job Board      o Learning Circles
WCWI Member Dashboard      o Well Workplace University 
     o WCWI Well Practices      o Roundtable Series 
     o WCWI Expert Interviews & Case Studies      o TECH Training
     o WCWI Data Center Coming soon!      o Regional Workshops 
     o Wellness Challenges • One (1) WCWI Learning Circle Session Coming soon!
     o Archived Webinars New 2020 Benefit • Expert Resource Navigation
     o Archived Member Resource Groups New 2020 Benefit • Connection with WCWI Student Members Coming soon!
     o Archived Conference Keynotes New 2020 Benefit • Well City|County Eligibility
WCWI Expert Contributors New 2020 Benefit • Consultation on WELCOA's Well Workplace Award
WCWI e-Newsletter • WELCOA Membership for 1 professional*
Quarterly Executive Newsletter New 2020 Benefit  
• Quarterly Consultant Newsletter   


*The WELCOA Membership supports membership for one professional which includes national certification courses; WELCOA 7 Benchmarks; Well Workplace Award; and 400+ employee wellbeing resources.

Invest in Your Wellness Team

The WCWI Membership is held by the organization, in which the organization decides how many employees it will invest in as Delegates. Delegates receive a unique login which allows them to directly access WCWI's Member Dashboard and a WELCOA Membership. WCWI's base membership supports your organization as a whole by granting all employees access to WCWI's: live webinars, consultations, orientations, recognition opportunities, live Member Resource Groups, weekly communications, and discounts to WCWI's Learning Agenda. The WCWI base membership already includes a WELCOA membership for one individual (Delegate), typically a cost of $450 through WELCOA. 
Each additional Delegate on top of the base WCWI Membership costs $275.
  Total Annual Investment
Base WCWI Membership (Includes 1 Delegate) $600
+1 Additional Delegate $875
+2 Additional Delegates $1,150
+4 Additional Delegates $1,700
+9 Additional Delegates $3,075




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