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Vote for WCWI’s Nominees in WELCOA’s National Contest

WELCOA launched their third Top Health Promotion Professionals contest, and we’re excited to announce that three WCWI members are ranking among the best and brightest in the wellness industry!  The nominees have been carefully chosen based on peer voting and the empirical review of a distinguished judging panel, these innovators are the future of workplace wellness.
These contestants must be currently creating, coordinating, and maintaining ongoing health promotion programs. Contestants with the most votes will be chosen for the semifinals but votes will not guarantee Top Professionals Status.  

Help your fellow WCWI Members by voting for their entry:


Here’s how to cast your vote(s) over the next 29 days:

1. Read the current contestant entries. 
2. Click the stars at the bottom of the entry to vote. You can vote as many times as you like, once per entry per hour.

In 2014, WCWI had 20 nominees with 9 finalists in the Top 100:

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  • Aaron Hunnel
  • Amy Williams
  • Alyssa Kwasny
  • Tim Pingel
  • Barbara Zabawa
  • Sarah Dillivan-Pospisal
  • Mike Liebert
  • Abigail Nadler
  • Mary Starr
  • Derek Bell
  • Jeff Butz
  • Shari Anhold
  • Eric Ziarek
  • Kathy Menard-Rothe
  • Jason Morgan 
  • Tara Witt
  • Kailin Carroll-Alberti
  • Kevin Setnes
  • Chris Ceneti
  • Tracy Chro

In 2016, WCWI had 4 nominees with 1 finalist in the Top 10: 

  • Erik Nieuwenhuis
  • Julie Ortman
  • Jeff Butz
  • Aaron Hunnel



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