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Up-and-Coming 2019 WELCOA Certifications & the Evolved 7 Benchmark Certification!

Start your new year off right with these member courses...

WELCOA’S 7 Benchmarks: The evolved version - AVAILABLE NOW!

The certification course you’ve been waiting for!  This certification course will introduce you to WELCOA’S evolved 7 Benchmarks and Master the skills needed to design and deliver successful employee wellness initiative. With each of the 7 Benchmarks broken down to help you develop and grow your wellness initiatives within your own organization with a goal to increase employee engagement and effectively communicate your wellness value story, and ultimately create an healthy and happy environment for your employees.

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Quarter 1 2019 Trainings:

Registration Opens December 5, 2018!

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1. The Science of Happiness: Three Ways to Elevate Wellbeing and Engagement at Work

Stella Grizont, MAPP, Happiness Expert, Founder & CEO of Woopaah
January: Webinar

You’ll learn to take control of your own thoughts and emotions and use them to drive your vision, goals, and values. See more details from the WELCOA Expert Interview with Stella Grizont.

Some interesting facts you should know…

  • Stella Grizont was one of the first 150 people to earn a Masters in the Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania.
  • Interested in learning more about positive psychology? Check out MJ Shaar’s Keynote Presentation at WCWI’s 28th Annual Worksite Wellness Conference.

2. The Power of Nutrigenomics: A New Era in Precision and Personalized Health Promotion

Dr. Karen Wolfe, MD, Entrepreneur, Healthy Lifestyle Coach, Author & International Speaker
February: Certification

What is "Nutrigenomics and how can I use it in health promotion?

  • Nutrigenomics is the “study of gene behavior that is driven by diet, lifestyle, environment, drugs, pharmaceuticals, stress.
  • The precision that nutrigenomics brings can reveal someone's predispositions and where they're likely to have problems and what issues are likely to arise from them.
  • Dr. Karen Wolfe's Podcast on Nutrigenomics

What can I expect to take away from this certification:

  • To gain an understanding of the role of nutrition on gene expression and the potential for personalization of health promotion programs based on genomics
  • How the genomics revolution is impacting health promotion and the possible implications this new science brings for corporate health promotion programs

Learn more about the Power of Nutrigenomics

3. Practitioner Perspective: Communicating Your Wellness Strategy with Purpose and Power

Rachel Druckenmiller, MS, Director of Wellbeing at SIG
March: Webinar

Needing to add strength and purpose behind your wellness strategy? Well, definitely make sure to catch Rachel Druckenmiller's webinar, as she will feature:

  • Best practices that work to develop a wellness strategy focusing on culture creation.
  • These practices align with Benchmark 4 and Benchmark 7.

Learn more on Rachel Druckenmiller – WELCOA Member Spotlight November 2018



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