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Top 5 Well Practices from 2019

In 2019, the WCWI Member Dashboard was viewed nearly 2,000 times by members throughout Wisconsin.  Within this “top-secret” member site, we house our WCWI Well Practices which are best practices, strategies, and tools from Wisconsin organizations who are successfully building comprehensive employee wellbeing strategies. Our goal is that members will be inspired and find solutions from what other Wisconsin-based organizations are finding success with.

Top 5 WCWI Well Practices Downloaded Last Year

1. Choose to Renew U: Froedtert Health
Choose to Renew U is a three-month challenge involving simple activities that include reconnecting with your purpose, self-reflection, acts of kindness, gratefulness, giving to others, positive actions and focusing on self-care.
2.  Wellness Team Captain Application & Description
Check out this shared resource from Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. We encourage you to use this tool to further enhance the structure and involvement of your wellness team members as they are vital to the reach of your wellbeing initiative.
3.  Faith Technologies Operating Plan
Faith Technologies’ award-winning wellness strategy provides countless opportunities to improve the health, wellbeing, and confidence of their employees. In order to achieve their vision and mission, Faith Technologies holds the following values in high regard, and understands them to be central to who they are as a national contractor:
• Uncompromised focus on keeping people SAFE.
• Build TRUST in everything we do.
• REDEFINE what’s possible.
• Reward individual results that create TEAM SUCCESS.
4.  Stress Management Policy
The Starr Group created these practices and policies to make stress management a priority. Based in Greenfield, WI, The Starr Group earned a WELCOA Well Workplace Award in 2017 and have approximately 30 employees.
5.  The Kind Project at Standard Process
Standard Process Wellness is calling action to happiness.  Scientists believe kindness can create joy. Research reveals that performing acts of kindness boosts happiness and well-being. When we express gratitude to those around us, this can strengthen our connections and provide a culture of support. Studies show that we may benefit from giving support more than receiving support. So, are you in for making kindness contagious?


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