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The Zero-Stigma Blueprint to Workplace Mental Health

More than ever, mental health has been in the spotlight in the realm of wellness and in the media. Yet the stigma of addressing it in the workplace still exists and hinders employees from seeking support and resources they need.  International speaker and founder of A World Without Suicide, Mettie Spiess, CWP, will be leading the intensive training focused on creating a stigma-free work environment and culture at our 10th Annual Pre-Conference Summit. 
Through this immersive training, you will learn a practical approach to developing a culture of Voice, explore how to Value employee mental health, and provide support to employees and leadership through Vigilance. Join us as Mettie digs deep into this strategic framework for creating a supportive workplace culture that can immediately be applied to your organization.
Top 10 Reasons to Attend Pre-Conference!


1. You'll learn how to break away from the stigma of silence around mental wellness.
2. You will develop leadership strategies to reduce employee anxiety.
3. Promoting mental health can increase the effectiveness of your wellness program.
4. Fostering an inclusive work environment can increase productivity.
5. According to the WHO (2017), depression and anxiety cost the global economy $1 trillion (USD) per year in lost productivity.
6. Measuring the needs of individual employees will help your team develop better policies for workplace mental health.
7. You're one step closer to offering a supportive work environment.
8. In 2017, 100% of Pre-Conference attendees said they learned something valuable. 
9. “Always motivated after a [Pre-Conference] session” – quote from 2017 Pre-Conference attendee.
10. There will be an interactive Q&A session with Mettie and the audience to discuss practical ways to integrate mental wellbeing into your organization. 

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