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The Unmentionables

The Unmentionables are the factors that are actually driving health or lack thereof, and unfortunately we’re just not talking about them…things like financial stress, relationship stress, workplace stress, and caregiver stress.  Alexandra Drane discusses some inconvenient, but important, truths about wellness in a new WELCOA podcast about “The Unmentionables.”
  • What risk factors are really behind the poor health pandemic?
  • Are we collecting the right data if we want to bend the trend?
  • There are aspects of wellness that people don’t want to talk about or are afraid to talk about.
  • What do we do about “The Unmentionables”?
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Wellness Unmentionables: Interview with Alexandra Drane
Don’t have enough time to listen to the podcast? You can download the interview and read the interview at your own pace!

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