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The Impact of Connection

Human connection and relationships bring complex value to our lives: they give us a sense of belonging in a group, a sense of identity in contrast to others, and a sense of purpose and being a part of something bigger than ourselves. In the workplace, connection between leaders and employees, among colleagues, and teams are crucial for a strong trusting workplace community.
Connection in the workplace is strongly linked to positive and productive organizational culture. When employees are connected to a specific value or concept within the organization (such as its mission, value, concept, or product…) they might find another level of meaning in their role or the work they do that previously did not exist for them, and in turn be more productive and engaged in their work. Connected teams drive collaboration, nurture healthy relationships, and promote knowledge-sharing.
As “a community of connected employers who are transforming Wisconsin’s workforce”, WCWI is committed to providing opportunities for bringing together wellness professionals with a shared purpose of enhancing employee wellbeing. 


Opportunities to CONNECT and network in 2020 through WCWI:

  • Roundtables: Connect with fellow wellness professionals in shared purpose and interest. In 2020, our Roundtables are offered in three (3) different track experiences that are unique in purpose, goal-setting structure, and discussion topics.
Interested in connecting through Roundtables? 
  • Learning Circle Series: Engage and learn with others in this professional development course to connect with industry thought leaders and expert practitioners.
Interested in connecting through Learning Circles?
  • TECH Training: Apply to join this virtual development and networking group formed with the intention to connect like-minded professionals for collaboration, idea-sharing, and learning. 
Interested in connecting through TECH?

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