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The Enhanced 2020 Roundtable Experience

Our enhanced Roundtable experience is focused on creating a platform for conversational learning while tapping into your purpose and goals around workplace wellbeing. You’ll receive a Prep Kit prior to each session that includes some resources and discussion questions to help you prepare for quality conversation. 

Not only will there be facilitated discussion on the various topics and shared experience around quarterly themes, each session will include personalized strategic mapping. This provides the opportunity to convert the topical ideas you’ve learned from your Roundtable discussion into application. You’ll create an action plan to integrate next steps for daily practice or as part of a larger strategy to keep you connected to the goals you set for yourself within the Roundtable series.

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Personal and Professional Growth Track

This track will be focused on YOU. Each quarterly theme will challenge yourself to set goals around growing personally and professionally to build your confidence in becoming an influencer in workplace wellness.
Session Themes
I – Strengths Assessment: How to use them to grow your influence 
During this session we will assess our strengths and discuss how they are unique to you and your organizational influence. We will discuss what our strengths are and how they’re pertinent in this industry. Our discussion will focus on how to lean into using your strength, identify areas of growth and create goals to help you bridge the gap through strategic mapping.
II – Energy Management: Linking your strengths to your energy output
In Session 2, we will build on our discussion and you’re your strengths to your energy output. This session will explore energy in four dimensions: physical, emotional, spiritual, and emotional. We will also dig into purpose and discuss how to bring personal purpose back into your workplace culture. You’ll receive accountability and a support system among your Roundtable peers.
III – Critical Conversations: Identify areas of growth to make greater impact
We will discuss the importance of using your strengths and energy output to effectively communicate with leadership, co-workers and teams. We will tap into concepts of Conversational Intelligence and discuss how we can more effectively build on our abilities to communicate with our peers.
IV – Growing Your Influence
We will discuss bridging your strengths, energy allocation, and relationships you create to your personal purpose/mission statement and how that brings value and confidence to your work. This session will focus on growing your influence through the finds from your strategic mapping. We will link all of the quarterly discussion topics and collectively identify areas of growth. This conversation will deepen your connection to influencing change at your organization. The themes discussed this year have a domino effect and we will help you create a long term development plan to continue to grow your skills in this field/industry.
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Organizational Impact Track

This track is focused on creating your impact on your organization’s culture of wellbeing.
Session Themes
I -  Leadership 
This discussion will focus on sustaining leadership inclusion and alignment as integral values of your wellbeing strategy.
II – Collaboration 
This discussion will focus on engaging stakeholders at all levels to make great organizational impact. We will also flip the conversation to talk about social connectedness and relationship development as vital avenues of collaboration on our journey to creat a culture of wellbeing.
III – Data Collection and Evaluation 
What data is most meaningful to your wellbeing strategy? This is just one question that will kick off our conversation around data collection and evaluation as we dive into how we can measure organizational impact.
IV – Policies/Environment 
This discussion will focus on the workplace environment and the supportive policies in place will help to uphold an organizational value system that can be built around employee wellbeing.
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Topics of Wellbeing Track

This track is focused on the topics of wellbeing that support WELCOA’s definition of wellness. We will unmask the definition by creating application to each of the 7 Components.
Session Themes
I – Health
We will start off our series with the most common component of wellness, focusing our discussion on 3-4 topics related to health, such as physical activity, nutrition, sleep, self-care, mindfulness, resiliency, and built environment, etc.  
II – Safety
As the industry expands the definition of wellness, we will explore topics that relate to employee safety. For example, how creating a safe work culture (physically and psychologically) can foster wellbeing within our organizations. Topics covered could include trauma informed care, diversity and inclusion, ergonomics, psychological safety, etc.
III – Growth & Achievement
We will discuss in what ways do we foster career or personal growth of our employees. Topics covered could include applying a coach approach, employee recognition, wellbeing in development trainings, and supportive policies. 
IV – Meaning & Connection
We will discuss topics related to fostering purpose and connection with peers in the workplace . Topics covered could include peer mentoring, empowering managers with soft skills and building a sense of community.
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Katie Reiels, MS, WELCOA Faculty
Learning & Project Strategist
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Program Specialist
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