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Take the Lead at MGIC

 I had the great opportunity to interview Julie Eusebio, Wellness Administrator at MGIC. MGIC is a Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corporation is a provider of private mortgage insurance in the United States. The company is headquartered in Milwaukee,Wisconsin. In addition to mortgage insurance, MGIC provides lenders with various underwriting and other services and products related to home mortgage lending. They are a Platinum Well Workplace Award Winner and have recently undergone a wellness building renovation. Venture into our conversation as she shares about their building renovation, supportive wellbeing services, data collection and building trust with employees!

Check out these 3 key takeways: 

  • In order to succeed, you need to Take the Lead! One of MGIC’s leading organizational principles, helps employees feel that they have autonomy over their health and wellbeing and can be a great strategy to create trusting relationships among the employee and their manager.
  • Create small goals and celebrate the small wins. This helps to bridge the gap and align your wellness initiative with your overall organizational culture.
  • Through multiple modes of data collection, encourage your employees to Choose Well and simply use these data collection tools to find out more about themselves, sharing the overall message of we care about you!

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