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Cherishing Growth + Resilience

WCWI's April Member Resource Group
April 29, 2021
Change is inevitable. Practicing a growth mindset positions us to grow through change and accept challenges with a posture of resilience. We grow by summoning our creativity and following our aspirations to be better. WCWI cherishes growth and we believe that when employers support the growth and development of their people, they are directly supporting their wellbeing.
How do you know you’re growing into your own potential as a wellness strategist and people leader? What could it look like to support the wellbeing of your people by cherishing their growth?
This live, interactive discussion leaned into one WCWI's Guiding Principle, "Cherish Growth", and addressed questions submitted by wellness strategists and people leaders.


A 12 month experience driving organizational impact through your professional development. 
We empower and equip people leaders and wellbeing strategists through strategic coaching and professional development.
We advocate for the success of our members by widening the scope of employee wellbeing in Wisconsin and navigating the barriers in the industry.
We lead the common agenda of improving the wellbeing of Wisconsin’s workforce and communities.
We unite and build connections for wellbeing strategists and people leaders through peer networking and idea-sharing.
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