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Statewide Conversations Focused on Engagement

Throughout the month of June, we offered Regional Networking meetings exclusively for our Learning Circle participants. With our Learning Circles being offered in three different regions (Milwaukee, Green Bay and Madison), we wanted to provide a platform for all attendees to continue the conversation and grow their network, statewide. These 60 minute meetings were filled with idea sharing, relationship building and exploration into new wellness topics. Under the engagement umbrella, we focused on discussing positive trends that are driving engagement and commitment to wellness offerings. Below are a few ideas that the attendees’ are currently doing to drive engagement in their programs. All approaches below have shown positive outcomes in attaining buy-in from the employee population and are moving wellness forward at the organizational level. 
Strategies to drive engagement:
• Build a charitable donation into HRA incentive structure.
• Align and restructure the Wellness Mission and Vision Statement with the Organizational Mission and Vision statement.
• Offer Wellness Fridays with massage and reflexology services.
• Peer to peer mentoring with a wellness coach via video and live chat.
• Expand from traditional wellness program offerings (physical activity, nutrition, etc.) to well-being interventions such as gratitude and happiness.
• Greater holistic approach to expand wellness dimensions, while using data amongst multiple departments to drive strategy. 
• Expand communication tools, such as social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to promote their program.
• Continuous quality improvement of wellness programming based on surveyed feedback.
• Focus on team interventions to enhance participation and competition versus individual participation in interventions. 
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