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Insights to Refocus Your Employee Wellbeing Strategies


As we’re nearing the end of the first quarter of 2021, do you find that you and your team are still in the process to determine your wellbeing initiatives this year? What are you wanting to focus on to have the biggest impact?

Many of you may still be in the planning phase as you consider the changing complexities of work and life over the past year and how that affects your plans to support wellness at your organization. Perhaps you’re looking for inspiration and fresh perspective to refocus on your wellness efforts. 

As WCWI supports our community of connected employers to shift the narrative of wellbeing in Wisconsin, we have sought out leaders in a variety of wellbeing specialties to partner with and create exclusive member resources and learning opportunities. These WCWI Expert Contributors provide multi-disciplinary perspectives and expertise to help WCWI Members continue to elevate their culture-focused wellbeing strategies. 

For WCWI's January Member Resource Group, we hosted a collaborative discussion involving our Expert Contributors sharing their niche expertise, perspectives on the future of employee wellbeing, and answers to questions submitted by WCWI Members.
Use these WCWI Expert Contributor insights to inspire and refocus your employee wellbeing initiatives.  In this resource you'll find: 
     -8 actionable takeaways on how you can make the biggest impact within your organization
     -4 "hot topics" related to culture, leadership, mental health, and workplace environment + design
     -9 recommended resources
     -forward thinking insights from each WCWI Expert Contributor
WCWI's Expert Contributors: 


This discussion took place during WCWI's January Member Resource Group. Click here to listen to the live, recorded conversation.  

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