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Questions From Your Wellness Peers

In February, we launched the first round of sessions for our industry-specific Virtual Roundtables to discuss employee wellbeing. By offering our Roundtables through a virtual platform, employers from all regions of the state have the opportunity to network, share ideas, and converse with their peers in an open and collaborative space. This year’s featured industries include Manufacturing, Healthcare and Practitioners, Public Sector, and Education Systems.  It was wonderful to talk with participants from such different workplace environments, and enlightening to hear the unique yet prevalent challenges they are experiencing within their industry. 
These initial roundtable sessions resulted in great questions and lively discussions about workplace wellness and employee wellbeing. There was a common theme expressed that wellness team members are tasked with the ambitious goal of implementing a wellness strategy that is comprehensive, yet accessible and inclusive to their employee population.  Here’s a sample of topics and questions that we connected on and shared ideas. Do you relate to any of these questions within your organization?
  • What does “wellness” mean to your organization? How do you create a culture of “Wellness”?
  • What types of data or information can you share across departments without violating HIPAA laws? 
  • How do you get employees to actually use the resources available to them?
  • With the industry expanding the opportunities for collecting meaningful data, beyond using Health Risk Assessments (HRAs), what other types of data can you use? How can you measure things like behavior change and engagement?  
  • How do you provide health plan information and wellness resources to a culturally diverse workforce? 
  • How do you engage and support shop floor or mobile employees, such as line workers working various shifts, first responders, teachers, and others who don’t have a “desk”? 
  • How do you engage leaders to support and collaborate in developing employee wellbeing strategy? 
  • Who should be collaborating in the wellness planning discussions?
  • Burnout, mental health, and stress are prevalent in all industries. How do you integrate awareness among your employees? 
Starting the conversation is the first step toward building an effective and inclusive wellness strategy. While we may not have all the answers yet, we’re excited to continue the conversation on these topics and anything else our participants bring to the virtual table in our future sessions. 

Angeline Day, MPH, CHES
Program Manager
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