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Presenting the 2018 Light of Wellness Winners

The Light of Wellness Awards are presented annually by the Wellness Council of Wisconsin to showcase the extraordinary achievements of our member organizations’ individual employees.  We received over 30 nominations this year, and every story exhibited hard work, dedication, direction, inspiration, and outstanding accomplishments.  Each of these stories deserve recognition and remind us of what can be achieved when we strive to make an extraordinary impact, either for ourselves or for our colleagues.

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Selected by a committee of WCWI Board of Directors, we are proud to announce this year's winners from each category:

Healthy Behavior

Celebrates the accomplishments of an employee who has made significant lifestyle changes as a result of participating in their employer's program.


Honorable Mention Recipient:

Debbie Childress (Beaver Dam Community Hospitals) took an accident that had a significant negative effect on her health and used it as inspiration to make a change for the better. Through her employer’s wellness program and her own hard work and dedication, Debbie has transformed her lifestyle and is now committed to living her best and healthiest life!

Award Recipient:

Sarah Fecht (Verve, a Credit Union) used a devastating experience to propel herself forward on a journey to creating a healthy lifestyle. Through determination, support, and active participation in Verve’s wellness program, she has been triumphant in creating long-term healthy behaviors. In her transformation of finding her best self, she has also become an inspiration for those around her. 



Recognizes an individual who has inspired others, served as a role model, and/or demonstrated ongoing participation and commitment to their worksite wellness program.


Honorable Mention Recipient:

Bill Herman served as the catalyst and champion for the wellness program at Aprilaire Research Products. His guidance helped integrate their wellness philosophy into all parts of the company, from new hire orientation up to senior leadership. His dedication to wellness is evident in the wellness culture he helped create at Aprilaire Research Products.

Award Recipient:

Emily Novack has created a strong wellness culture throughout Sartori Cheese and has inspired many team members to make changes that have improved the quality of their lives. Through her endless energy, passion for wellness, and strong leadership, Emily’s impact is felt throughout the company, and the individual team members’ gains have been tremendous.

Rising Light

Honors an employee who participates in their employer's program and has taken the initial steps toward success in their wellness journey. 


Honorable Mention Recipient:

Matthew Shallue's story shows that when a person wants to make a lifestyle change, the right wellness program can be an extraordinary asset for that person.  Matthew has been an active participant in Sartori Company's wellness program for the past 3 years, and has seen his health improve each year.  His hard work has him on track to meeting his personal wellness goals, and his participation in the company wellness program is giving him the encouragement and accountability to stay on that track.

Award Recipient:

Longtime employee of over 20 years, Cindy Ibric participated in MGIC’s wellness program for the first time this year with a no excuses attitude to turn her life around. Her health journey has seen successes and setbacks, but through motivation and determination, Cindy is free from added weight, health problems, and feeling self-conscious. Every decision made has been a step further from who she was and closer to who she’s becoming.

Angeline Day, MPH, CHES
Program Manager
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