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Pivotal Habits and Habit Prescriptions

Over 20 wellness practitioners kicked off the Q3 Four-Week Virtual Workshop: “Design Your Culture: The Transformative Power of Habits in the Workplace” featuring Hanlie Van Wyk of Change Craft.  Here is a high-level, sneak peak of the first session- Habit Prescriptions: Which habits are worth adopting?
According to the data collected by Change Craft, there is a set of three core Pivotal Habit (behavior) collections that drive people and fuel your organizations: 
  • Health – habits ranging from physical health (Move, Nourish) to mental health and stress (Restore)
  • Happiness – habits around Savoring positive experiences and Fostering relationships, meaning and purpose, and connection
  • Security – habits around autonomy and fostering financial wellbeing (Protect, Manage, Save)
It is commonly known that the lack of health, happiness, and security negatively impacts work performance and quality of life. When these basic foundational habits are addressed, people will come to work more ready to tackle work habits. Quality of work becomes better, productivity increases, and organizations, in turn, flourish.
When we choose which habits outlined in the Pivotal Habits collections matter most to our organizations, and determine what the optimal Dose Value (measure of impact) of that habit is on a desired outcome, we create a habit prescription- which is a specific set of actions people can follow to create a desired outcome. This can help us determine which critical habits our people should adopt that are most impactful to address a particular problem and incorporate into our strategies. In this session, attendees were guided through the steps to create health prescriptions unique to themselves and/or their organizations. The use of habit prescriptions can be influential to driving personal and organizational change.
Want more specifics of how to use Pivotal Habit Collections and Habit Prescriptions as stepping stones to creating change within your organization? 
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