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Phase 1 of WCWI's Employee Burnout Survey Reaches 14,320 Employees


On December 1, 2021, six Wisconsin-based employers launched WCWI’s Employee Burnout Survey to their workforces nationwide with the goal to capture the voices of their people in support of burnout. 
WCWI is proud to announce that through the first phase of surveying WCWI is supporting 14,320 employees nationwide. The size participating employers represent a wide spectrum of industries, with each uniquely proving employee wellbeing to be essential to their business and workplace: 
  • Wisconsin Department of Justice, Public/Government
  • University of Wisconsin – Whitewater, Education
  • The Starr Group Insurance, Provider/Administrator
  • Fairway Independent Mortgage, Finance
  • Miron Construction Co., Inc, Construction
Written by wellbeing strategists, WCWI’s Employee Burnout Survey gathers an understanding of how employees are feeling and their experiences with symptoms of burnout especially related to the workplace culture, the demands of their job, their relationships at work, the support they have, and the challenges they’re facing. 
The participation within this survey will contribute to WCWI’s statewide effort to collect the experiences of employees across Wisconsin’s employers. WCWI believes that employee wellbeing is a foundational strategy and business priority for every employer of all sectors, industries, and sizes. The statewide survey data will inform Wisconsin employers for the purpose of developing meaningful strategies to impact the wellbeing of their employees.
As a part of our effort to collect the experiences of employees across Wisconsin’s employers, WCWI is making the survey accessible to member employers during two specific timeframes until December 31, 2022.  This will allow for a more controlled process and environment, enhancing credibility for benchmarking data across the state. 
Interested in Participating in the Employee Burnout Survey in 2022? 
If you plan to take part in this statewide initiative and collect the experiences of your employees, here are the key dates and steps for the launch timeframes in 2022: 
Join us on March 31, 2022 for the March Member Resource Group in which you’ll hear from employers who have already used the survey
Attend an Orientation more specific to the use of the survey tool: dates/times coming soon for April 2022
Decide between two options to launch the Employee Burnout Survey to your workforce in 2022

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In every meeting, every interaction, and every coaching session, I have been hearing how burnout is a severe problem affecting the majority of groups within our organization. With knowing the consequences of burnout, I wanted to take action in order to increase the personal wellbeing of our employees and improve the quality of their work/life.  This survey is an initial step in the right direction and has allowed me to assess burnout for severity and causes. I plan on using and translating the research of burnout into action within our organization to better the wellbeing of all employees. I thank WCWI for not only helping develop the survey, but also providing this as a WCWI Member benefit hosted within their website. This has built some trust within our organization and has allowed those to be open and candid about their struggles with burnout. I am looking forward to hearing from other companies who decide to utilize this survey and hope we get to see the results as a whole. This will be great for discussing common trends and also a guide when producing burnout solutions in the near future.

Meredith Baciak

Wellness Coordinator, Miron Construction Co., Inc.

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