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Meet Your WCWI Team

Vision: WCWI is a community of connected employers who are transforming the wellbeing of Wisconsin’s workforce.
Mission: WCWI holds the core belief that employee wellbeing is a fundamental strategy and business priority for every employer of all sectors, industries, and sizes. As a professional development and consultation organization, WCWI is the premier resource for employee and organizational wellbeing in Wisconsin and the northern Midwest.
WCWI lives this mission through the following membership competencies:
  • empower and equip leaders and wellbeing strategists through strategic coaching, consultation, training, and professional development.
  • advocate for the success of our members by widening the scope of employee wellbeing in Wisconsin and navigating barriers.
  • lead the common agenda of improving the wellbeing of Wisconsin’s workforce and communities.
  • unite and build connections for wellbeing strategists and leaders through peer-to-peer learning, networking, and idea-sharing.

Behind this vision and mission is a passionate and energetic team leading and serving the WCWI membership!

Marissa KalkmanCarley Hoelzel | Executive Director

Top 5 Gallup CliftonStrengths: Achiever | Learner | Input | Individualization | Arranger
Leads with: Strategic Thinking

Carley Hoelzel joined the WCWI team in April 2022 and previously served as Director of Growth and Partnerships for WCWI. In that role, she has developed strong networks within the community and has sought to expand visibility and brand awareness for the organization. Additionally, she has strategized to enhance alignment with stakeholders and organizations who have similar missions to ensure WCWI’s long-term success.

In March of 2023 Carley was announced as the new Executive Director for the Wellness Council of Wisconsin. She has a demonstrated record and unique skillset in strategic, forward-thinking planning, relationship building within and across teams, and growing organizational capacity and sustainability gained from nearly 10 years of experience in non-profit leadership. Her drive and passion for community health and wellness combined with her extensive experience has her uniquely positioned to advocate for employee health and well-being and remain a leader in her industry. 

Carley earned a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology from UW Milwaukee and has held certifications in health and wellness-related fields since 2015. She serves as a community leader on the Board of Managers for the YMCA of Greater Waukesha County and volunteers on many statewide committees. When she's not at work or participating in community events, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, hiking and biking outdoors, and traveling whenever possible.

Jessica Lehman | Director of Member Experience

Top 5 Gallup CliftonStrengths: Connectedness | Empathy | Woo | Positivity | Input
Leads With: Relationship Building

Jessica joined the WCWI staff in March 2022 as Marketing and Communications Coordinator and now serves as our Director of Member Experience. She is your ultimate advocate as she’s held wellness strategist positions and was an active member of WCWI prior to joining the staff team. Through this lens, she has a distinct compassion for and awareness of the needs and interests of our WCWI members. 

In her role, she hosts the WCWI Member Experience Overviews and the Quarterly Member Resource Groups (MRG). She’s developed resources and designed the topics and experiences of WCWI’s MRGs. You’ve likely caught her in your inbox sharing about all the WCWI happenings. She's one of WCWI’s consultants supporting employers and strategists in solving wellbeing challenges and enhancing what’s good in their organizations. She created and will be launching WCWI’s LEAD Workshops – an in-person member-facilitated learning experience.

Jessica holds a bachelor's degree in Health and Wellness Management from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point as well as several certifications in health/nutrition-related programs. When she’s not working, you will most often find Jessica spending time with her family, exercising in her home gym, enjoying the outdoors or watching her favorite shows and sipping on a great cup of coffee.

Marissa KalkmanCasey Gonzalez | Member Operations Manager

Top 5 Gallup ClifftonStrengths: Input | Relator | Strategic | Intellection | Learner
Leads With: Strategic Thinking

Casey Gonzalez serves as our Member Operations Manager. Casey joined the WCWI staff in May of 2022 and in that time she brought new life to the structure and processes that allow WCWI to serve our members to the best of our ability. She takes initiative to identify what’s going well and what can go better and quickly takes action. Casey prioritizes our members and their needs in all of her interactions. She's a strategic thinker with a strong sense of responsibility, a growth mindset, and dedication to WCWI’s mission. She is an incredible champion of employee wellness as she’s been a classroom teacher and a childcare administrator in previous roles and has a personal understanding of why an employee wellbeing strategy is essential for our workforce. Through this lens, she has a distinct compassion for and awareness of why WCWI’s mission is so important and lives that mission through member service every day.

Casey hopes her presence within WCWI will help business operations run smoothly and create a great experience for all members and their employees. Working together with members to enhance their partnerships and processes is one of Casey’s main goals, as well as helping to improve the overall membership experience.

When Casey isn’t “in the office”, she enjoys spending time with her kids at the zoo, baking, and watching her favorite movies or television shows.

Erin Wentworth | Member Operations Specialist
Top 5 Gallup ClifftonStrengths: Adaptability | Achiever | Developer | Responsiblity | Learner
Leads With: Relationship Building

Erin Wentworth is excited to re-join WCWI as a part-time staff member. Erin previously worked for WCWI from 2018-2022 as the Member & Program Coordinator and truly enjoyed supporting the member organizations and connecting members to resources. She prides herself in building relationships and being that person someone can count on for whatever is needed. Erin strongly believes in WCWI's mission and is a champion for employee wellness in the workplace by advocating the importance of a work environment where all people can thrive both personally and professionally. Erin also has a strong background in the customer service industry and uses these skills to serve WCWI members to provide the best member service in all her interactions and the support she provides to the WCWI team. 

Erin earned her Master's Degree in Health and Wellness Management in 2018 and holds a ACE Health Coach and Weight Management Specialist certification. Prior to entering the employee wellness field, Erin was in the education field as a middle school social science teacher. 

When Erin isn't working, you will find her in the gym every morning powerlifting and doing functional-style workouts. Erin loves spending her extra time with her dog, Kenzie, a Shepherd/husky rescue mix by frequenting dog parks. 

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