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Making Kindness Contagious in Wisconsin

One of my favorite things to receive when I was a kid was mail! Whenever my name was on a card after sorting through the entire mail pile, I would get this feeling of extreme excitement to see what the card was all about. I still find so much joy in the act of both giving and receiving a card. Maybe that's why my favorite movie is You've Got Mail! Anyone else love that movie? It seems so simple right? In the same breath, it seems that the simplicity of giving and receiving appreciation or gratitude sometimes gets lost in the midst of the busyness of life. Spreading acts of kindness and appreciation can be a key driver of connection and bring simplicity back to one's wellbeing. So much so, organizations nationwide are building strategies to integrate more kindness into the home, workplace and community. 

Even more importantly, what if we made spreading kindness a habit? Habits are how we stand up and get our hands on time. So let's make good use of our time and bring back the simplicity of spreading kindness by making it a habit. Our hope would be for the habit of spreading kindness to become contagious across Wisconsin.


Check out how YOU can make kindness contagious with insight from
Wisconsin organization, The Magnolia Company, and WCWI's partnership with KyndKit:

1. The Kind Project at Standard Process

Standard Process wellness is calling action to happiness. Research reveals that performing acts of kindness boosts happiness and wellbeing. When we express gratitude to those around us, this can strengthen our  connections and provide a culture of support.

Learn about their one week initiative that encourages employees to express personal gratitude and sentiments to co-workers, colleagues, and/or supervisors in their organization. 


Download this Well Practice

2.  Magnolia's "We Believe in Human Kindness Project"

“We believe in human kindness, knowing we are made better when we work together.”- this being one of the key phrases from the Magnolia Company's Manifesto. Check out this blog post to see how they are making kindness loud and how you can access free downloadable flyers as a way to spread more kindness at your organization.  


Download the acts of kindness flyer

3.  WCWI's Kyndkit Project:

WCWI is collaborating with KyndKit to provide WCWI member organizations a simple, yet meaningful, way to support their employees to do good things. Why? Because doing good things improves mental wellbeing. Our goal is to provide you an opportunity to impact the mental wellbeing of your employees, while doing something good for the community at the same time. 
KyndKits are small volunteer projects and acts of kyndness that can be delivered to your office. Your organization can sign up for a monthly box, or a one-time party pack order. Your kit comes with 100% of the supplies you need to do a meaningful project for someone in need. When your kit arrives, open it up, follow the instructions, and make an impact!  


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