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Madison Roundtable: Answers developed through collaboration.

What do 30 professionals with job titles supporting human resources, benefits administration, wellness coordination, senior level management, and sales have in common?  As I facilitated the Alliance Roundtable in Madison last week, the answer became clear within the first few minutes. These professionals were on the search to collaboratively develop answers to these questions: 
• How do you increase engagement for wellness initiatives?
• How do you incorporate all aspects of wellbeing into their initiatives?
• What are successful strategies in supporting financial wellness and stress management?
• What is the current relevance of Health Risk Screenings and do they provide organizational benefits?
• What data collection efforts are employers using to measure their ROI?
• …and the list goes on.
The structure of a Roundtable is simple yet unique. It provides an opportunity for likeminded professionals to discuss common interests with a high level of group input.  Additionally, I find it’s one of the most effective ways to address the common question that WCWI, Wisconsin’s premier resource for worksite wellness, encounters:  what are other organizations doing to support their employees’ health and wellbeing? 
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Continue the conversation with us now on LinkedIn. How does your organization respond to employees who state their financial stress is due to not being paid enough?  Have you encountered this before?  Let’s collaborate on this unanswered question!    

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Lisa Grenfell
Member Engagement Manager,
Wellness Council of Wisconsin (WCWI)

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