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Learning: A Cornerstone of Human Flourishing

As your premier resource for employee wellbeing in Wisconsin, we work diligently to bring you learning opportunities that deepen your connection to the wellbeing industry and other WCWI members. Through our learning agenda, our hope is to continually equip and educate you to grow as a wellbeing practitioner by adapting a learning mindset. 

John Coleman says it best when talking about the importance of adopting a learning mindset. He says “the capacity for learning is a cornerstone of human flourishing and motivation.” During our 2019 TECH Training, all training participants were charged to create an improvement goal that helped to focus their learning outcomes over the course of 6 months. In order to capture the collective power of this group, we blended all improvement goals into one Manifesto statement. This statement served as a cornerstone of what this group believed in and in turn brought their improvement goals to life.  One of my favorite statements from the Manifesto that encourages a philosophy of lifelong learning reads - “We believe in having difficult conversations and that these CONVERSATIONS SET US UP TO BE CURIOUS and not critical.” Just by exhibiting curiosity, one can tap into an abundant amount of learning and growth. 

We are committed to staying curious in the employee wellbeing industry and calling action to your continued learning. Here’s how we are encouraging you to stay curious and committed to being a lifelong learner in 2020. 

Our capacity for learning is a cornerstone of human flourishing and motivation

​4 Opportunties for you to focus on LEARNING in 2020

TECH Training: We spend 3 months of TECH training under “E” which stands for Equip & Educate. During these 3 months, we commit to learning about the wellness industry through industry-focused research, book discussion and engagement with an expert guest wellbeing speaker. During our 2019 Training, we addressed questions such as: are employees getting anything out of our wellness program? how are we creating a meaningful environment where employees can thrive? how can we build infiintely more positive interactions that stem from wellness?

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Topics in Wellbeing Roundtable: This Roundtable will bring together like-minded professionals who want to focus their learning on new and developing topics that relate to employee wellbeing. As a participant in this Roundtable, you will have the opportunity to collectively address topics that are trending in the wellness industry and turn them into an imperative with other wellbeing practitioners in Wisconsin.

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Learning Circle: New Emerging Trends (Session 3): Join the Learning Circle series to commit to learning about new emerging trends in the wellness industry and how you can make them applicable to your organization. As a participant in the Learning Circle, you have access to networking and an expert speaker around the topic of new emerging trends.

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Well Workplace University: Well Workplace University is a unique opportunity to join a full-day, in-person training experience with your local WCWI team providing expert insight. You will gain a deeper understanding of the well workplace framework, and you’ll master the knowledge and skills to design a customized employee wellness strategy based on your organization’s needs, values, and goals.

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