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LEAD: A WCWI Competency 

We lead the common agenda to improve the wellbeing of Wisconsin’s workforce and communities.


WCWI’s leadership to improve the wellbeing of Wisconsin’s workforce is a concentrated collective effort. The Board of Directors and Advisory Board are the steadfast leaders representing Wisconsin’s sectors of business, health systems, academia, public entities, and more – elected or appointed to keep WCWI’s service on the leading edge. It’s with great enthusiasm that we express gratitude for our Board leaders past and present. WCWI is pleased to announce Eric Ziarek of Children’s Wisconsin as incoming Board President. Eric has been on WCWI’s Board of Directors since 2019 and has over 20 years of professional experience dedicated to employee wellbeing. In fact, Eric served as an intern for WCWI back in 2001 and has been a proud WCWI member across his entire career.

A message from Eric:

I am honored to have been elected Board President for WCWI. As I embark on this leadership role for the next two years, I would like to first take a moment to thank Lisa Mrozinski whom most recently served as President of WCWI’s Board of Directors. Her invaluable perspective served WCWI throughout many significant evolutions of the organization and her leadership has been integral to the strength of WCWI. 

As I reflect on two decades working in the wellbeing space, I have seen firsthand how the employee wellbeing industry has advanced in response to the ever-changing workplace and our needs as humans.  It certainly has been difficult to keep up, however WCWI has always been there to support me and my organization by providing valuable experiences and insight. 2022 is WCWI’s 37th year being Wisconsin’s premier resource and consultative partner for employee wellbeing. 

One WCWI experience that epitomizes the leadership that WCWI brings to our state is the Annual Conference. I especially felt proud to be a part of this membership community during WCWI’s 31st Annual Employee Wellbeing Conference. If you had a chance to participate you will recall that the theme was “Restore Yourself. Reframe Wellbeing. Empowering you with people-centered leadership skills” and this conference delivered exactly that.  Hosting an in-person conference during a global pandemic is no small task.  But WCWI’s in-person experience was exactly what I (and so many of us) needed – to pause from the day-to-day and connect with other people leaders, wellbeing strategists, and change makers who were in the “trenches”. WCWI’s conference left me feeling restored and fired up to be a people-centered leader. I returned to my work knowing that the WCWI team understood me and was there to support me.  They were there to be my coach, my number 1 fan.  And this support from WCWI continues throughout the year and it’s ultimately why I value my membership with WCWI. 

As I look forward, there are so many reasons to be excited about the future of WCWI and I am ready to contribute to the continued success of this organization and all of our members as the Board President.  

Be well,






- Eric Ziarek


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