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Key Takeaways from Designing Places Where People Flourish

On September 12, WCWI’s vast community gathered in Wisconsin Dells with nearly 500 passionate practitioners and leaders representing organizations throughout Wisconsin and beyond. We came together to explore what it means to design places where people flourish. This year, more than ever, we explored concepts that will continue to help us in shifting our strategies to focus on people-first cultures that foster wellbeing.



The essence of WCWI’s 29th Annual Employee Wellbeing Conference is captured in this word graphic depicting the sentiments of what people need in a favorable environment that will support them to truly develop in a healthy and successful way.  We heard from speakers with expertise in employee wellness and in fields that are wellness-adjacent, yet all meaningful in transitioning our strategies to emphasize what matters most when it comes to designing flourishing workplaces. 

What can you take from this event – whether you attended or not – to bring this theme to life in your organization and your work? 

Top Takeaways

We Can All Be Leaders in the Effort Toward Building a Place to Belong

Kristen Hadeed shared her heartfelt and uniquely personal journey of how she created a healthy environment at her company, where people come to work excited and go home at the end of the day feeling valued and fulfilled. Her message was strong in that we can all be leaders in this effort. *Stay tuned for Kristen’s keynote video that will be accessible to all WCWI members soon!

“People will only truly thrive not when they are pushed to be perfect but when they are encouraged to be their natural best.” 
Hear more from Kristen through her blog: Kristen Hadeed

Resource: The Net Effect Wellbeing Challenge

Authentically connecting with your colleagues will inspire a collaborative and caring environment that nurtures wellbeing. Co-created by WCWI and TAVi Health, The Net Effect wellbeing challenge will help you facilitate an atmosphere of social connectedness and inclusivity to make time spent at the workplace more joyful. If you completed the Conference Evaluation, you’ve already received first access to this incredible resource. *This wellbeing challenge will be available to all WCWI Members at no additional cost in 2020!

Contact Angeline Day with Questions or to Learn More about The Net Effect Challenge

Relationships, Impact, and Growth Drive Fulfillment – And Fulfillment Drives Wellbeing

Courtney Deimel with Imperative shared the message that shaping a culture for fulfillment will have lasting and measurable effects on employee performance, tenure, net promoter scores, and best of all – wellbeing. She introduced the application of peer coaching to unlock connected conversation among colleagues centered around building relationships, defining your impact, and actively working on your personal and professional growth. Try this guided conversation with your co-workers anytime to spark purposeful connection! 

“People who identified more strongly with their colleagues at work and with their organizations had greater psychological well-being, and also better physical health.” 
Forbes, Why Work Relationships Affect our Mental and Physical Health 

How You Can Take Action

  1. Connect with us for a Member Consultation. What about the conference theme, or the key takeaways, resonates with you? What questions or next steps can we support you with?
  2. Join us for more learning & connecting with your Wisconsin network and the WCWI team in the Q4 Learning Opportunities!


Thank you to our 2019 Partners of Support & 2019 Conference Sponsors!


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