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As the premier resource for worksite wellbeing in Wisconsin, WCWI sees Wisconsin employers making vast strides to further develop and enhance the impact of their programming. So what are employers doing in Wisconsin to address wellbeing and how have their programs evolved? These questions, among many others, will be addressed in our exclusive WCWI member panel at our 28th Annual Worksite Wellness Conference. This panel discussion will allow you to learn and discuss the practicality and design of wellbeing programming in Wisconsin and how it has evolved over time. 


Let's meet your member panel...



Molly Heisterkamp

Molly Heisterkamp is the Disease Management & Wellness Program Manager for the Wisconsin Department of Employee Trust Funds. She manages the wellness program which is available to more than 160,000 participants enrolled in the State of Wisconsin Group Health Insurance Program. A Certified Health Education Specialist, Molly has spent the past 10 years supporting employees from a variety of different industries reach their wellbeing goals. She has driven the accomplishment of a Platinum Well Workplace Award for two of her previous employers and has presented various conference workshops hosted by UW-Madison and the Wellness Council of Wisconsin’s Learning Circle. 



Jesse Stukenberg, RN, BSN

Jesse Stukenberg business card identifies her as ‘Nurse Jesse’, but after listening to her story, one realizes that ‘Nurse’ Jesse is more than the traditional nurse who cares for a person’s physical needs.  ‘Nurse’ Jesse is a person who in the broader sense of “nurse,” promotes, trains, fosters, and develops new dimensions of life in others, and in the process enhances that life in herself.  After focusing too much on ‘checking the boxes;’ achieving socially acceptable goals, (i.e. academic degrees, ideal weight, marriage, kids, dream house) always striving…she woke up.  She now views her life NOT as just a process of achieving specific external goals such weight loss or a job titles.  Her goal is to change the way healthcare engages with the people they serve, viewing wellbeing as more than the just a healthy body but the whole person, including positive thinking and an expansive view of life, which includes a healthy mind, body and spirit.  



Julie Eusebio, MS

Julie Eusebio holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Biology-Health Sciences from the University of Wisconsin Green Bay and a Master of Science degree in Nutrition and Wellness from Benedictine University.  She currently works as the Wellness Administrator for MGIC, sits on the Board of Directors for the Wellness Council of Wisconsin and is a Certified Personal Trainer.  Julie is an innovative health and wellness professional driven by a passion for people and fueled by a vision for a healthier future.  She believes that people are unique in their fitness, wellness and nutritional goals and should take advantages of these differences.




As Senior Health and Wellness Specialist for Goodwill of North Central Wisconsin, Jeff Stieg strives to make the workplace a catalyst for positive personal growth and self-realization all while providing wellness related solutions for business challenges. Jeff’s journey into the workplace wellness arena began long ago when he realized his personal mission of inspiring others on their path of health and wellbeing. With a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and a slew of certifications in the Wellness and HR field, Jeff worked in several settings before falling in love with the mission and culture of Goodwill where he’s done his work since 2012.



Kristin Kipp, MS, RD, LD, CSCS

Kristin Kipp works as the Director of Employee Wellness at Marquette University and is responsible for overseeing all employee health and wellness initiatives and education within the organization. Kristin has a bachelor’s degree in exercise science with an emphasis in fitness programming and evaluation and master’s degree in nutrition. She is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association and a Registered Dietitian, licensed in the state of Wisconsin. 


Join in on this statewide conversation to engage with five Wisconsin employers on the past, present and future of their wellbeing efforts.




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