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Happiness is all around us!

I want to open up by asking you a question… what is your favorite color? 
Did you know that this specific question could change someone’s life? This month at our Learning Circle on Worksite Wellness we dove into the topic of emotional well-being and tapped into what makes us happy! 

Did you know that right now...

70% of people are distracted by a personal issue

25% of those distractions can be classified as an emotional health issue

About 50% of people with anxiety and depression go untreated

Based on these statistics and the engagement crisis that we face, we can’t afford to not talk about emotional well-being at our workplaces. Jesse Stukenberg and Karla Brooks from It Makes Me Happy™, LLC, brought their It Makes Me Happy™ workshop to close to 100 WCWI Learning Circle participants across the state. They each shared their journey to happiness through looking for small things in life to learn and appreciate life and love at a deeper level. 
Through the lens of their personal stories, they brought us through 3 techniques that can be used both personally and professionally with your team to understand and connect with others in a deeper and more meaningful way.

1. Who are you? 

  • Each of us has a unique set of gifts and traits that make you, YOU! Through the concept of coloring and drawing, we were encouraged to create a smiley face that best represents what makes us happy. Almost innately, people around the room smiled a little brighter and laughed a little louder as they worked through this technique. 

2. Reflect, Write and Remember

  • It Makes Me Happy™ identifies 12 key areas for happiness, scents and smells, decorating, pets, spirituality, food, work, exercise, gadgets, music and art, children, hobbies and travel! As we wrote down what makes us happy in each of these key areas, it was extremely powerful to be reminded of these reflections and how it’s followed by such an immense spirit of gratitude. 

3. Power Post-It™

  • Many of us have doubts, fears and negative bias that we believe to be true that ultimately hinder us from being ourselves and reaching our potential. This method taught us how to take our limiting beliefs and turn them into opportunities. After rehearsing this practice, I immediately thought…what if every employee turned their limiting beliefs into opportunities for positive impact at work and at home? We would not only have engaged employees, but happy employees!

Check out some of the Key Takeaways from the Workshops!


  • Emotional well-being needs to be a key strategy of our well-being initiative to make connections more real and deepen the engagement of the very distracted workforce of today!
  • Story telling fosters a deeper and more real connection with others and can enhance the social connection at work 
  • The Power Post It™ technique helps turn limiting beliefs into opportunities 
  • Collecting a list of "This makes me happy" items to counteract negative thoughts and feelings.
  • Reflect, Write, Remember technique is a great tool to use with team members to generate happiness and build on social connections at work.
  • To really think about what makes you happy and the impact it has at work and at home


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We would love for you to be a part of our Learning Circle program! 

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