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Habit prescriptions:

What is worth doing in wellness?

Guest Blogger:
Hanlie Van Wyk
Culture change Expert, Systems Strategist, Personal Change Coach, Author 
WCWI's Q3 & Q4 Regional Workshop Facilitator
The Dose Value helps identify which wellbeing habits (health, happiness and security) and programs work by providing a measure of the impact on cost reduction, increased performance and improved life quality. Dose Value is based on over 3,000 research papers selected to be the best and most appropriate for explaining the relationship between behavioral change and desirable business outcomes. For health alone, over 150 different combinations of behavioral input and health outcome are analyzed in this way.
What exactly is a Habit Prescription?
There is a wide range of behaviors that might be deemed 'healthy' in some sense, and it's easy to put them all in a box and assume that they have a similar beneficial impact. Research by the Behavioral Research and Applied Technologies Laboratory (BRATLAB) has revealed which behaviors matter most specific to an outcome that you are trying to achieve. For instance, the best behavior change for losing weight is likely to be quite different from the most powerful behavior change for improving cognitive function (hint: it is!!).
A habit prescription is the best behavior, or combination of behaviors, to achieve a particular outcome that matters to you and you organisation. The prescription can be quite specific where the research allows. It might specify the duration, intensity, frequency and other factors that help define optimal behavior for any particular outcome. We use the research to suggests the best possible outcome for effort expended so that your wellness programs have the best chance of succeeding on their goal of helping people be healthier and happier
Culture change Expert, Systems Strategist, Personal Change Coach, Author 

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