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Growth: Be challenged to use and expand on your strengths

Last week I had the wonderful opportunity to present at the WASPA (Wisconsin Association of School Personnel Administrators) Conference.  As we explored the expanding scope and definition of wellbeing, we looked at WELCOA's definition of wellness. Successful workplace wellness initiatives require supporting employees in fulfilling their needs in seven areas. I asked them to look at these seven areas and pick one area that they want to connect more explicitly to their wellness initiative. During our group share, many people identified and expressed GROWTH as something their school wants and needs more of when it comes to their wellness initiative.

GROWTH: Feeling like you are progressing in your career. Learning and being challenged to use and expand on your strengths.

Every person has wellness aspirations including wellbeing practitioners. In an effort to support the growth of wellbeing practitioners across the state and more explicitly connect it to organizational wellness; we've expanded our learning opportunities to be inclusive of opportunities and conversation around growth. If GROWTH is an area of focus for you this year-we want to meet you there! Take a look at the opportunities that provide you the space and time for growth!

Is Growth your word for 2020?

​3 Opportunties for you to focus on GROWTH in 2020

TECH Training: TECH Training will take you through the Immunity to Change® goal setting proces as a way to keep you accountable to being the change you want to see in yourself as it relates to the work you do as a wellness practitioner. We will also tap into your energy management, nudge thinking and explore a habit framework that is easily applicable to work and life. 

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Personal/Professional Growth Roundtable: This Roundtable will bring together like-minded professionals who want to focus their growth and development around skills unique to a wellness professional. As a participant in this Roundtable, you will have the opportunity to practice skills that will grow your influence by challenging you to expand on your strengths. 

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Learning Circle: Skill-Building Professional Development: It's an exciting time to be a part of wellness, as the industry continues to grow and evolve. In order to support the evolution of wellness, we've devoted an entire Learning Circle session to building skills required for a wellness professional! Join this session to step back and grow your skill-set!

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