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Growing Together

Thank you to all WCWI Members who made our first Membership Discovery a success with 35% of our membership participating in the survey and focus groups!  With over 30 years of supporting employers throughout Wisconsin, we’re proud of our rich history of serving you and look forward to using your valuable feedback to continue our exceptional experience within this connected community of employers who are transforming Wisconsin’s workforce.




of WCWI’s total expenses were spent towards
your membership experience and learning opportunities.
Based on our 2018 Audited Financial Statement.

Here’s What We’ll Keep Doing Well 

As we continue to grow our connected community, it’s important to us that we also keep doing what we do well. Taken directly from the comments we received in the survey and focus groups, here’s what we won’t stop doing for you:
  1. It provides great resources and is my go-to for relevant wellness information.
  2. Trainings and conference are great!
  3. I appreciate local connection to other wellness coordinators. I appreciate opportunities to recognize individuals who are dedicated to wellbeing at work. 
  4. The connections made with others in the same career.
  5. Local access to WELCOA and local resources - part of local energy.
  6. Wellness challenge ideas, white papers or expert interviews and newsletters.
  7. The dedicated WCWI staff who are always willing to help. 
  8. All of the resources and advice when going through WELCOA’s Well Workplace [Award and Well City] program, the education and networking with the local businesses also going through the program.
  9. Opportunities are provided locally which allows us to have the ability to connect with others for sharing of resources, support, etc.  
  10. I believe it is the premiere resource for health and wellness tools and education.
  11. I like being able to earn continuing education credits with conferences, workshops and webinars. 
  12. The connected "like minded" members, and the connection throughout the state
  13. I have only been a part of this for a few months, but it has completely opened me up to a new world.  The collaboration and partnerships that I've created over the past few months have been wonderful.  There are so many resources available that I have just really started diving into.
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We Received Your Feedback and We’re Ready to Explore! 

We wouldn’t ask you questions, if we weren’t looking to enhance your membership experience!  The employee wellbeing industry is changing, meaning that your needs are too.  WCWI is excited to grow with you and the industry. Below is some of your direct feedback that we’re exploring. We may not be able to provide everything, but we can certainly try!
  1. Expand the reach of the organization to be more representative of the state. 
  2. Collaboration with other wellness groups like regional groups, other national wellness organizations. 
  3. More accessibility for other wellness committee members to access training and resources through our membership.
  4. I would really like to see a greater diversity and ethnic representation in WCWI events. 
  5. I wish there was an online platform to communicate and share ideas.
  6. Maybe more social or networking events scheduled around the annual meeting or just smaller events around the area.
  7. More opportunity to connect and share ideas with others. Many of us, as wellness leaders, are the only one with that title in an organization. It would be great to have time to sit and talk about best practices with other leaders in different organizations.
  8. Maybe some kind of communication/idea board between members to post questions to other members and make connections.  
  9. Networking opportunities without a fee.
  10. Leverage the member connection by showcasing MORE innovation and best practices among organizations (2-3/month).  
  11. More pre-made materials/templates to help wellness committee. 
  12. More plug and play challenges or email campaigns to help keep wellbeing top of mind for our employees.
  13. A published list of recommended vendors in my area.
  14. I wish I knew all the great resources WCWI has to offer - I am busy and I wish there was a quick monthly highlight on a tool, resource or discount from WCWI.
  15. More virtual events or webinars.
  16. Ability to earn continuing education credit toward other professional organizations.
  17. A more personalized user experience with content based on the specifics of our program. 
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Once again, thank you for your participation and feedback.
We’re excited to grow with you and continue to serve WCWI’s community!

Lisa Grenfell, WELCOA Faculty
Assistant Director, Marketing & Membership
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