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Assess your wellness program's strengths and opportunities with the WELCOA's Checklist Assessment! This free, online assessment is available to all members and non-members. Upon completion of the Checklist Assessment, you will receive two different reports quantifying your wellness program’s strengths and opportunities based on national norms of results-oriented wellness programs.  
DON'T FORGET!  All Corporate members of the Wellness Council of Wisconsin (WCWI) receive a consultation on their results with either our Executive Director, Tyler Roberts, or our Program Manager, Katie Reiels. Last year over 50 Checklist Assessments were completed by Wisconsin employers, and our staff consulted with nearly 100 wellness committees! This is a great way to obtain additional resources, best practices, and strategies to enhance your wellness program. Perfect timing for 2018!
Get the support you're looking for!

I just opened your documents and these are awesome, Katie! Thank you so much for your information and education on this. You are such a valuable resource to your company and companies far and wide. Thank you again for all of your assistance and it was great talking with you as well. 

2017 WCWI Member


Thank you so much, Katie! The conversation was a great help for us to get a little more focus on where we need to direct our energy. .

2017 WCWI Member


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