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Get in the Know: WELCOA's Health Bulletins

As a WCWI member, you have access to 4 ready-to-go employee health information bulletins to provide to your employees to help them live their best lives. This is a great resource to kick start an education program on the importance of self-care and prevention. Each monthly series comes with 4 downloadable bulletins and a quiz. Use the quiz for employees to enter into a raffle or as part of a monthly Bingo task to be completed!

November’s Health Bulletins: A Quick Overview

1.  Better Safe: Red Flags: Body Clues and Cues You Shouldn’t Ignore
  • Chest Pain: 3 Specific Symptoms to Not Ignore
  • A Severe Headache that is unique to any other headache you have experienced
  • Tooth Pain that won’t go away
  • You have a Stabbing Pain in your side
  • Back pain accompanied by a strange, tingling feeling in your toes
2.  Day In Day Out: Sore Throat? Feel Better Fast!
  • Tried and true home remedies
  • When to see your doctor…
3.  Take Charge: Protect Yourself from Pre-Diabetes
  • Simple tips to get control back in your favor
  • Are you at risk? Signs and Symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes
4.  To Your Health: Solid Strategies for Sound Slumber
  • Common barriers from getting deep sound sleep
  • Sleep problems that may require professional treatment


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