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We empower and equip people leaders and wellbeing strategists through strategic coaching and professional development.


Empower + Equip Your Professional Development

Your growth and development is our ultimate priority. As a wellbeing strategist and people leader, you are the catalyst to impact employee wellbeing in your organizations. WCWI empowers your impact with resources like the WCWI Inventory for Growth. We’re committed to guiding your professional development action plan. And we equip you with the space to learn. Alongside your WCWI team and expert speakers, you are invited to continue to journey with us to learn and apply topics of wellbeing. Over the course of 2022, join us for four in-person statewide Learning Circles to explore the depth, breadth, growth, and sustainability of your influence and leadership as a wellbeing strategist. 

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Empower + Equip Your Organizational Impact

WCWI uses a coach-approach consultation model to help you focus on what matters most to you and your organization. With a combined 25+ years of experience in employee wellbeing, WCWI Coaches each bring a distinct skillset and strengths across consulting, coaching, learning and talent development, and strategic planning. We’re uniquely positioned to support you in developing your professional growth plan and creating strategic change at your organization. Recent member consultations have focused on the following member-led focus areas:

  • developing a wellbeing leadership skillset and redeveloping a strategic approach for the organization (WCWI Member, Industry: Manufacturing)
  • refining the objectives and the rollout for a new strategic wellbeing plan (WCWI Member, Industry: Architecture, Engineering, and Construction)
  • operationalizing across a collaborative team to enact a new organizational philosophy of employee wellbeing and planning how to take action on established priorities and objectives (WCWI Member, Industry: Public/Government)
  • integrating into a new company and a new role while bringing fresh strategies and connecting to what has worked well for other large manufacturing companies (WCWI Member, Industry: Manufacturing)
  • exploring opportunities to continuously improve and evolve to be more wellbeing-supportive (WCWI Member, Industry: Retail Trade)

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"Being a member of WCWI has significantly enhanced my skill set and has been instrumental and crucial in my growth as a wellness leader!”

- WCWI Member, 2021






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