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The worldwide protests against racism have forced us to think about positive changes in society that will result in racial equality. For employers, this movement is demanding responsibility in how we approach traditional diversity and inclusion programs.

As wellness practitioners, we play a role in creating conversations around diversity and inclusion in the workplace with the common goal to change the narrative of employee wellbeing throughout our communities. In pursuit of creating thriving organizations, cultures, and people, we’re intentionally designing every touchpoint that our organizations have with employees throughout their employee lifecycle. This being said, it's important to recognize that if the basic human needs of our employees are not met than any  additional wellbeing initiatives will most likely not make a positive impact either.

We can look at basic needs as, of course, food, shelter, and water. With the broad definition of wellbeing we’ll also expand those needs to safety, whether that’s physical or emotional. These basic needs also include equity, inclusion, and belonging.  All of these components, and more, play a role within employee wellbeing. 

How do we ensure our employee wellbeing strategies move the needle on creating a culture built on equity and inclusion?

On June 30, 2020, WCWI Members connected in their monthly Member Resource Group (MRG) to learn and discuss how they can create conversations with their organizations in support of creating the workplaces of belonging, inclusion, and equity. This MRG featured two Idea-Sharers: Morgan Phelps, CEO of Colorful Connections, and Lynell Meeth, Director, Member Content, MRA – The Management Association.  

Six additional tips shared within the Member Resource Group:

  • Prepare for your talk
  • Recognize how your experiences shape your perspective
  • Acknowledge you won’t have all the answers – and know that’s ok! 
  • Don’t ask black employees to fix it
  • Acknowledge shortcomings
  • Give grace to black employees ​


In support of creating workplaces of belonging, we're sharing this Member Resource Group with everyone!

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